Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Lillywhites? No Thanks!

Huw Williams provides his weekly look at club events, this time focusing on the nickname.

So we are to be Lillywhites again. We hear that the team's unanimous choice was the all white strip. Perhaps we're going to be renamed Real Hereford. If so, I think we should be told. Apparently that's the reason that Leeds play in all white, having once been blue and yellow: Don Revie wanted to emulate the fabulous Madrid side of the fifties. Changing the shirts was as close as he got.

I digress. Personally I think that the team are the last people who should be consulted. Hardly any of them have any connection with the club that goes back more than two years, so why does their opinion count? Most clubs have a poll of the fans if there's a choice to be made, and I think we should have had the chance to air our views.

I can't say I'm too keen on the change, and I say we should have stayed black and white. It may have been our original colours, but apart from Bill Misery, there can't be very many current fans who have seen them play in all white. United have always been black and white in my time. I even liked the black and white quartered shirts which we sported for a couple of seasons back in the nineties, although I know they weren't popular.

Having said that, they are our team, and we'd support them even if they turned out in pink. Come to think of it, they very nearly did for a while. There was that awful away strip which had red and black diamond shapes all over a white background which gave an overall effect of a grubby pink. Thank god that didn't last.

I hate the whole concept of an away strip as well. When I was a lad (I'm going into moaning old git mode now) clubs had a change strip which they wore when colours clashed, and only then. Why do we turn out in yellow when the opposition play in red, or blue? At least we don't have a third strip as some of the Premier clubs do, which the league allows them to wear a couple of times a season so that they can screw more money out of the faithful punters.

I can cope with this change as long as it doesn't bring back the nickname to go with it. I vaguely remember them being referred to occasionally as Lillywhites back in the mid sixties when I started supporting, but I don't think anyone took it seriously? Let's face it, it's not too inspiring is it? I'm not even sure when we started being referred to regularly as the Bulls - it seems to have developed over the last ten years or so - but that sounds strong, proud, something you can feel good about shouting. But "Come on you Lillywhites?" Forget it.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Monday Comment

This article has been written for Bulls News by Simon Wright of the West Bromwich Grorty Dick fanzine.


Back in my teenage years, those uncomplicated days that freedom that Shakespeare described as 'salad days', I had heroes. Dudley Tyler, Ken Mallender, Billy Meadows, Bruce Walker, Colin Addison - I thrilled to every move and every pass.

As I grew older and wiser, I no longer had any heroes for every idol seems to have clay feet. Respect for ability is as far as I would normally go but I was always willing to make exception for footballers who was as much a star off the field as on it. A move to the Black Country broadened my horizons. I never saw Jeff Astle play, save a few minutes as a fifty year old in a charity event but this guy will always be special as a man. More latterly 'Super' Bob Taylor and Richard Sneekes also have natural charisma by the bagful. And up there deserving respect for his off-the-field charm is John 'Tucka' Trewick.

I remember him first as a player in the late 70s/early 80s. He'd come to Albion straight from his North-East school but this was a time of plenty for the Baggies and Tucka always struggled to maintain a regular place either in midfield or at left back because he was up against England internationals like Derek Statham and Bryan Robson. I have two clear memories of that period, firstly John's spectacular afro perm and secondly his infamous 'Great Wall' remark. Tucka was part of an Albion squad who were touring China in ground-breaking fashion. This was big news and with the players travelled a retinue of journalists and a camera crew. To this day, JT maintains he was stitched up. He had a five minutes session with the TV people and replied to one question about the Great Wall of China with 'once you've seen one wall, you've seen them all.' It was a joke. Tucka had a great sense of humour but the effect was changed completely on the BBC documentary when the throw-away line is used in complete isolation. To this day, Albion supporters will regularly remind him of his faux-pas.

Tucka's playing career never really hit any heights after he'd left the Albion and he slowly moved onto the coaching side. He's so good at it. John's not a ranter or raver, his touchline suggestions are inevitably well reasoned and sensibly put. He likes and insists upon passing football. It provides more evidence that the best players aren't the best coaches.

Let's be clear that JT is perfectly capable of coaching adults as well as kids. He's even had a couple of brief spells as Albion caretaker manager - and as he'll tell you himself - the team were unbeaten under his tutelage. His solitary game in charge against March 2000 against Tranmere somehow put the smile back into the club. The players responded to the rational promptings and played with the sort of style unseen for at least a year. "It's no secret that I'd like to manage at some stage, to work at first team level," said John in an interview a few years back. "I've tasted it on two or three occasions at WBA. With the youth team, though, there is a lot of satisfaction, it's a medium to long-term environment, there's not that be-all and end-all result at the end of the week which I miss."

I've long suspected that Albion first team managers saw him as a threat with this charm and honesty. Several fell out with him and his final departure was a very shabby episode in the recent history of WBA. I know a little of what went on and I suspect much more but John is too professional to tell tales. One day he was there, one day he was not. Let's just say that Gary Megson isn't on his Christmas card list. A few months later, Richard O'Kelly was shoved out in an equally unsatisfactory manner. Since then the Albion Youth went into decline and Tucka hasn't had the best of times. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

During the all too brief days of Ray Harford managing the Albion, Tucka was his trusted assistant. With travelling a big issue for Ray from his Southern base, Johnny T took training by himself as often as three days of the week.

But it's his work with the kids when Tucka stood out. His budget was next to nothing and facilties and equipment down to what he scrounge, bed or borrow. He was fund-raiser, pitch-marker, minibus driver, diplomat, agony aunt - he did everything. Once I suggested to him as a joke that he and Richard O could get involved in a discreet nude WI type calender as a fundraiser. Tucka was so up for it that I had to back off hastily.

Yet he produced super players. Lads comfortable on the ball in any part of the pitch. Lads who'd played in a variety of positions and had a great admiration for their coach. The legacy of John and Richard O was largely wasted but in their time they'd bought on Danny Gabbidon, Adam and Jay Chambers, Chris Adamson and Adam Oliver (the latter's career ended at 20 due to injury) all made some impact at first team level but there were others who deserved a chance and never got one. Like Tam Mkandawire - John was full of praise for the lad at the age of 16. Going back to the 'Chambo' twins, they were bought up by their Dad to follow the Dingles of Wolverhampton and at the age of 15, the Dingles tried to poach them. The lads turned down the offer out of loyalty to John and Richard O. Parents, charmed by the silver tongue of John, not only got little Johnny to sign for the Albion, not only turned up to watch but got involved in the day to day tasks of making a series of youth teams work with no resource.

Some of my favourite moments of 25 years of backing the Albion came with following Tucka's kids. In one memorable season, they won two knockout competitions, one of which was won at Wembley. The team spirit was exceptional throughout and you always felt that the management were genuinely pleased to see you there. Grorty Dick fanzine, in various partnerships did our bit to raise money, putting together over five grand in the end but the Board received the cash with no great enthusiasm so we gave up in dismay.

Post-Albion, Tucka scratched around a bit as competition was fierce. The period that he enjoyed the most was as first team coach at Derby under Jim Smith. He had help with training and the best players he'd ever worked with. Sadly, Derby were in a mess and there is so much that training can do. John's worked with local colleges, done some scouting and final horror was taking a job at the Wolves Academy. He has bills to pay, I understand that (your favourite wine doesn't come cheap, eh John?) but the Dingles? Dear oh dear..

In this game it's as much who you know as what you know. Tucka has a lot of friends in and out of the game. Try Jim Smith, Cyrille Regis (an agent with a lot of young players on his books), Gary Hackett (Stourbridge manager), Chris Evans (Academy manager of First Division Wolverhampton) Richard O'Kelly of course and Super Bob Taylor (needs a club?) just for starters.

John has a comfortable house in Solihull where he lives with wife Yvonne and a rather unfriendly cat. His son is or was at university. Believe me , you'll like this guy and so will the players. I can think of no one better to replace Richard O'Kelly.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Court report from Burton

Below is a report from the Burton Mail on the court proceedings after trouble at Burton football ground last autumn.

A dozen soccer hooligans who caused "mayhem" at a Burton Albion match have been caged for a total of 13 years.

The thugs, some of whom were in their 40s, were sentenced to between nine months and two years yesterday for what Judge Paul Glenn labelled "a significant episode of public disorder".

"Football authorities have done a great deal to prevent offences of this type, but unfortunately some people do not get the message that football violence will not be tolerated," said the judge.

The violence erupted at Burton Albion's Eton Park stadium after Hereford United fans stormed the home supporters terraces, Stafford Crown Court heard.

Stephen Thomas, prosecuting, said a line of stewards trying to keep the thugs at bay was over-run and parents with children fled for safety as the fighting broke out.

One Burton fan, James Goldsmith, was punched and attacked by around a dozen Hereford fans and another man was kicked as he lay on the pitch.

Burton fans in the stand made 999 calls to the police on their mobile phones. Mr Thomas said the Conference game had no police presence, only stewards.

The whole incident was captured on video tape, which was played back to the court.

The trouble began during half-time of the Nationwide Conference match in September last year, when Hereford were trailing 2-0 after having had a goal disallowed.

Hereford fans began clambering on security fencing separating them from a "no go" area and the Burton supporters beyond.

To shouts of "let's get the bastards", "a group of around 40 Hereford fans, intent on trouble, climbed over the fence, over-running the line of stewards and charged towards other supporters," Mr Thomas said.

"Some Burton fans fled in panic, shouting and screaming. There was nowhere to run to as far as the Burton Albion fans were concerned. Children and pensioners were boxed in with this group running towards them. Some parents had to put their children onto the pitch, out of harm's way. Parents were seen shielding their children from what was going on.

"The group, the Crown say, were creating mayhem in that particular terrace."

Even after the first breach, the violence did not end. "Stewards managed to shove the Hereford fans back, but some of them came back across the pitch and attacked the Burton supporters. That was a more determined attack, worse than the first," said Mr Thomas.

It was during this second wave that Mr Goldsmith was assaulted.

"Some Burton fans were so worried they began telephoning police on mobile phones, telling them what was happening."

Eventually the violence died down and the stewards were able to push the Hereford fans back. The match, which had been held up because of the disorder, was then able to resume.

Mascots race won by Exeter

Exeter City mascot Alex The Greek stormed to victory in the Mascots' Derby at Lingfield Park yesterday reports the Exeter Express and Echo.

Some 36 club mascots gathered at the Surrey racecourse before embarking on the one furlong dash, all in the aid of charity.

Alex The Greek, life-long Grecians fan Dave Stowall, powered home in second position before judges elevated him to the winners rostrum after disqualifying Burton Albion's Billy The Brewer for cheating.

In a closely-fought race, Alex the Greek fended off the advances of Tamworth's Tammy the Lamb and Crystal Palace's Peter the Eagle to lift the trophy, and confirm his status as the fastest mascot in the country.

After the race Alex said:"I thought I had came second and then we heard that Billy The Brewer had been disqualified. He pretended to be walking on crutches and so the judges let him start half way down the course.

"Then as soon as the gun went off for the start he threw down his crutches and sped off. We all had laugh about it after the race and the banter was flowing."

The colourful spectacle took place in front of hundreds of spectators who had gathered at the racecourse for an afternoon's race card.

There was no mention of Billy the Bull, the Hereford United mascot.

Bookies support Bulls

Only two bookmakers have prices for the Conference as yet, and both put Hereford United as second favourites to win the League.

Carlisle are favourites at present.

Both Skybet and Bet 365 put Carlisle at 7/2. Skybet have Hereford at 5/1 but Bet 365 put them at 4/1.

Best prices for the next few fancied teams are Aldershot and Exeter at 12/1. Canvey, Morecambe and Stevenage can be found at 14/1.

LDV Cup dates

Once again Hereford United will be competing in the LDV Cup. Below are the dates for the games.

Round 1

W/C September 27, 2004

Round 2

W/C November 01, 2004

Round 3

W/C November 29, 2004

Area Semi Final

W/C January 24, 2005

Area Final First Leg

W/C February 14, 2005

Area Final Second Leg

W/C March 17, 2005


Sunday April 04, 2004

Friday, June 25, 2004

Another possible local friendly

Redditch United are hoping to have a friendly with Hereford United on a date to be arranged.

The Reds, newcomers to the Conference North, have a number of ex-Bulls players on their books including Matt Gardiner, Scott Voice and new addition Matt Clarke.

Hereford United have a free date on Tuesday July 27th as the friendly against Bristol City has been cancelled.

Twelve Hooligans jailed

Twelve men from Herefordshire have been jailed for their part in violence at the Burton Albion v Hereford United game last September reports Confguide and the BBC.

The sentences ranged between nine months and two years, while sentencing on a thirteenth man was adjourned pending the completion of reports.

The charges stemmed from trouble at half-time in a Nationwide Conference clash between Burton Albion and Hereford United last September.

The men pleaded guilty to violent disorder on 5 May.

Stafford Crown Court heard they were arrested after Hereford supporters left their terraces, ran onto the pitch and entered the home stand where fighting broke out.

Those facing sentencing today range in age from 19 to 44.

After the hearing Detective Inspector Neil Holmes said that today's sentences should send out a message to anyone who felt they could get away with such violence at a non-league ground.

"In the Football League the opportunity for football violence has been drastically reduced and I think people now think the Conference League is a soft touch and often attach themselves to clubs.

"But I think today shows that the Conference isn't a soft touch and certainly if they come to Burton Albion or Tamworth with the intent of causing trouble, you will be arrested and put before the court and on today's evidence, you will go to prison."

The Burton Mail reported last month that those involved in the trouble were: David John Ellis, 40, of Alexandra Avenue, Hereford; Stephen Wiliam West, 44, of Laburnum Grove, Hereford; Anthony Vito Calandra, 26, of Ledbury Road, Ledbury; Robert John Morris, 34, of Prior Street, Hereford; Robert Falcon Scott, 40, of Gorsty Lane, Hereford; Stacey Paul Jennings, 22, of Honeysuckle Close, Hereford; Wayne Milner, 36, of Cheerybrook Close, Hereford; Benjamin Lewis, 18, of Hinton Crescent, Hereford; David Watkins, 41, of Millard Close, Hereford; Craig Preece, 21, of Archenfield, Madley; Steven Alan Sabel, 20, of Webtree Avenue, Hereford; Russell Peter Davey, 26, of Newtown Road, Hereford and Roger James Vedmore, 20, of Alexandra Avenue, Hereford.

New Ref's room at Edgar Street

Included in the proposals for upgrading the dressing room facilities at Hereford United's Edgar Street ground is a new room for referees.

The basic plans are for a larger area for dressing rooms and improving the bathroom area. It is thought that the plans show this area taking a small part of the car park outside the existing building.

The proposals are due to go to a Herefordshire Council meeting on July 6th and are expected to be approved. To date there have been no objections to the plans.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

FA Trophy Dates

Hereford United enter the FA Trophy in Round Three on January 15th 2005. There is no Conference game on this date. Should Hereford reach Round Four, the home Conference game against Carlisle will be postponed. All subsequent dates clash with Conference games.

The rest of the dates are below:

Fourth Round

Saturday 5 February 2005

Fifth Round

Saturday 26 February 2005

Sixth Round

Saturday 19 March 2005

Semi Final 1

Saturday 2 April 2005

Semi Final 2

Saturday 9 April 2005


Sunday 22 May 2005

FA Cup Dates

Hereford United will once again enter the FA Cup in the Fourth Round Qualifying which is due to take place on Saturday 30 October 2004. The Bulls have Conference games listed for all FA Cup dates from Round Two.

Thr rest of the dates are below:

First Round Proper

Saturday 13 November 2004

Second Round Proper

Saturday 4 December 2004

Third Round Proper

Saturday 8 January 2005

Fourth Round Proper

Saturday 29 January 2005

Fifth Round Proper

Saturday 19 February 2005

Sixth Round Proper

Saturday 12 March 2005


Saturday 16 April 2005


Saturday 21 May 2005

Plans to extend Dressing Rooms

Plans by Hereford United to extend its dressing rooms at Edgar Street have been forwarded to Hereford Council.

The fact that the club is looking to do this work suggests that they do not expect any major work on the Stadium through the Edgar Street Plan to take place for some years.

It also appears that, after a profitable season, the club has the finance available for the work.

New fixture list

The full list of fixtures for Hereford United are below as per Confguide.

All games are Saturday 3pm kick-off unless stated otherwise.

14 aug 2004 H -:- v farnborough town

17 aug 2004 A -:- v crawley town (tuesday 7.45pm)

21 aug 2004 A -:- v york city

28 aug 2004 H -:- v stevenage borough

30 aug 2004 A -:- v northwich victoria (monday 3pm)

04 sep 2004 H -:- v halifax town

11 sep 2004 A -:- v gravesend and northfleet

18 sep 2004 H -:- v scarborough

21 sep 2004 H -:- v aldershot town (tuesday 7.45pm)

25 sep 2004 A -:- v leigh rmi

02 oct 2004 H -:- v burton albion

05 oct 2004 A -:- v dagenham and redbridge (tuesday 7.45pm)

09 oct 2004 A -:- v accrington stanley

16 oct 2004 H -:- v woking

23 oct 2004 A -:- v carlisle united

06 nov 2004 H -:- v barnet

20 nov 2004 A -:- v canvey island

27 nov 2004 H -:- v tamworth

04 dec 2004 A -:- v morecambe

07 dec 2004 H -:- v forest green rovers (tuesday 7.45pm)

11 dec 2004 A -:- v scarborough

18 dec 2004 H -:- v gravesend and northfleet

26 dec 2004 A -:- v exeter city (sunday currently 3pm)

28 dec 2004 H -:- v leigh rmi (tuesday 3pm)

01 jan 2005 H -:- v exeter city

08 jan 2005 A -:- v burton albion

22 jan 2005 H -:- v dagenham and redbridge

29 jan 2005 A -:- v aldershot town

05 feb 2005 H -:- v carlisle united

12 feb 2005 A -:- v barnet

19 feb 2005 H -:- v canvey island

26 feb 2005 A -:- v tamworth

05 mar 2005 H -:- v morecambe

12 mar 2005 A -:- v forest green rovers

19 mar 2005 H -:- v crawley town

25 mar 2005 A -:- v farnborough town (friday 3pm)

28 mar 2005 H -:- v northwich victoria (monday 7.45pm)

02 apr 2005 A -:- v stevenage borough

09 apr 2005 H -:- v york city

16 apr 2005 A -:- v halifax town

23 apr 2005 H -:- v accrington stanley

30 apr 2005 A -:- v woking

All times are subject to change.

It is thought that Sky will televise several games involving Hereford United. In particular the home game against Aldershot on September 21st looks a likely candidate.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

New Kit is All-White

Hereford United have revealed that their new kit is all-white. This is the Bulls original colour which gave them the "Lillywhites" nickname.

The Hereford Times has a photo of the shirt being presented to Graham Turner by M&M joint chairman, Mark Ellis and marketing co-ordinator Cherrill Mends. Also in the picture is former Bulls player Ken Mallender who also works for M&M. Mallander was part of the Hereford United team in the early 1970's.

The kit is all-white with the Sun Valley logo in the middle, the Nike logo on the right top and the Hereford United logo on the left. There is also a Nike logo on the top of both arms. From the picture it looks to be collar-less, with a slight V neck, and three quarter length arms.

"We put all the options to the players and the overwhelming response was to play in all white," commented Turner.

Wolves wish Trewick well

Academy coach John Trewick, who is leaving Wolves to become Graham Turner's assistant at Conference club Hereford, has been given good wishes by senior academy director Chris Evans.

The Express and Star reports that Trewick has been at Molineux for the past 11 months coaching Wolves' under 17s, but the lure of working with senior players at Edgar Street was too good to refuse.

Trewick will replace Richard O'Kelly who may well have recommended Trewick as his replacement. They worked together coaching Albion's youth team in the late 1990s.

Academy director Chris Evans wishes him well. "I would like to place on record our gratitude to John," said Evans.

"He felt he would like to continue his football coaching career with adults and we accept his decision.

"He goes with our best wishes and we wish him every success for the future with our former manager Graham Turner."

Turner happy with capture

Hereford United manager Graham Turner is delighted with the capture of his new right-hand man, John Trewick.

Speaking on BBC H&W Turner said, "He's coached at senior level. It's where you find that little bit of pressure that sometimes people enjoy. With a youth team the result is perhaps immaterial, you're producing players.

"When you're with the senior ones, with the first team, the result is the only thing that matters. And I think he wants to get involved again.

"He's given up a very good package at Wolves to join us

"When you get a coach that's worked at a higher level coming to a smaller club they've got to adapt.

"John has got that personality that means he's prepared to muck in and do whatever needs doing."

City pull out of Hereford match

Hereford United's planned pre-season friendly against Bristol City has been cancelled.

The second division side have pulled out of the match scheduled for Tuesday, 27th July, according to a report on Hereford United's Official Website, as City will now travel to Forest Green Rovers.

Graham Turner is hoping to fill the slot with another game, albeit with the opponents not likely to be of the same calibre.

United's current pre-season match list is as follows:

Date............Opponent...........Opponent's Division..Venue.........Kick-off

Sat 24th July...Swansea City.(Fr)..Division Three ......Edgar Street..3.00pm

Sat 31st July...Wrexham.(Fr).......Division Two.........Edgar Street..3.00pm

Wed 4th Aug.....West Brom.(Fr).....Premier League.......Edgar Street..7.45pm

Sat 7th Aug.....Wellington (HSCQF).West Midlands Prem...Edgar Street..3.00pm
A friendly match at Ludlow Town is also scheduled.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Snakes on the new Lawn

Forest Green Rovers are hoping that their move to a new "Lawn" will not be stopped by snakes.

The club has asked fans to help them move snakes from an area of land they plan to build their new stadium on. The area was found to be home to a number of snakes, which have to be relocated under the guidance of an ecologist. Brambles and rough areas on the 700-square metre site also need to be cleared and a 230-metre fence put up. The club are hoping volunteers will help reduce the £5,000 bill they have been quoted for the reptile clearance.

The clean up was due to start yesterday. Helpers were asked to bring strimmers, and warned that they would need to watch out for slow worms and lizards as well as snakes.

John "Tucka" Trewick

John Trewick, who is now 47, played at the highest level as a professional for 18 years. Amidst the clubs he played for were West Bromwich Albion, Newcastle United, Birmingham City and Oxford United.

Since his playing career ended he has been coaching players from eight and nine years of age at Centres of Excellence and Academies to seniors and international players.

He was appointed first-team coach and caretaker manager at First Division West Bromwich Albion, replacing Steve Round.

But Trewick left The Hawthorns following Gary Megson's appointment as the new Baggies boss and joined Derby County

An Albion player through most of the 70's, John 'Tucka' Trewick worked with Albion helping players from the Youth and Reserve sides to the First Team. His move to Derby in January 2001 was a sad moment for many Baggies fans.

However another change of manager meant that Trewick was sacked from Derby.

Trewick said at the time: "As often happens, the first team coach is often a casualty as well and that's what proved to be the case. It was a classic case of me joining the right club at the wrong time."

Interviewed whilst at Derby County for Grorty Dick by Simon Wright, Trewick said

"I'm first team coach. No, not acting assistant manager or anything else. But what's in a title? There's just Colin Todd and myself and he's not looking to bring anybody else in. We get on really well together so it's fine. I'm really enjoying it and I've got a three-year contract which is about as secure as it gets in an insecure profession."

Asked what training qualifications he held,

"I hold the UEFA 'A' licence. I'm thinking about taking the new Pro Licence course. That's partly delivered over the Internet so that's a bit of problem to me as I'm the world's worst on the Net. It's a distance learning course over twelve months and it includes a couple of weekend seminars. Oh and I must visit a foreign club - like Juventus or Barcelona - tough one huh? - to study their coaching methods and then compile a report."

Obviously you work with the first team, but you must have had a peek at the Derby Academy?

"Well not really because they're completely separate and they train in a different ground. All the staff and players report to the old Baseball Ground? It's a bit shabby now but it's still a fantastic facility for the young lads. As I said, they have their own set-up and their link is with the reserve team coach. If they have any lads they want to push forward, it's him that they liaise with."

Recently he gave a One on One Skills Coaching course to the Evesham's junior section coaches.

The course run by Premier Skills and funded through the Open Colleges Network aims to give as much help, back-up and information to grass roots football.

Lasting 20 hours over two weekends, with both practical and classroom tuition, United's coaches were instructed on many issues including role and function of the coach, football philosophy, child protection, health and safety, diet and nutrition, analysis of individual players and teams, psychological factors and how to plan, prepare and deliver structured coaching sessions.

Simon Parry, chairman of Evesham United's junior section, said: "The course has been invaluable and, to have someone as experienced and knowledgeable as John Trewick instructing us, has been a real bonus. We all learnt a great deal and we will be putting it into practice."

John Trewick looks like he will be an excellent replacement for Richard O'Kelly.

Trewick is United's new coach

John Trewick has been appointed as the new first-team coach of Hereford United. He comes to Edgar Street from Wolverhampton Wanderers where he was the under 17 coach.

In a report on ClubCall, 09068 121645, Graham Turner confirms that Trewick replaces Richard O'Kelly, who joined AFC Bournemouth as assistant manager a couple of weeks ago.

Trewick, 47, is an experienced man, playing professionally for West Bromwich Albion, Oxford United and Newcastle United, and has coaching experience at the Hawthorns and also with Derby County.

He worked closely with O'Kelly at West Brom in the youth system, while also standing in as caretaker manager on three occasions, before working for the FA for a short time, basically coaching coaches.

His experience and knowledge will be crucial in making Hereford United's 2004/05 season a success, and in Trewick, Graham Turner has a superb replacement for Richard O'Kelly.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Fans hope to save Wrexham

Bulls News yesterday reported that near neighbour Wrexham Football Club have cash problems. The future of that club is uncertain at present as a property developer has become involved and there are fears that his aim is to profit from the current problems.

As a consequence of our report we have been asked if we would publish more on the attempt by fans at Wrexham to save their club. The article and petition have been published elsewhere and the support for the petition has been excellent.

Below is a resume of the situation written by fans of Wrexham. A petition has been launched to save the club. The address is

Two years ago the then chairman of Wrexham Football Club, Mr Pryce Griffiths, who was a real Wrexham supporter and had the best interests of the club at heart, was struggling to cope with the increased stress of running the club due to ill health and decided to sell his 78% of shares in the club to a Mr Mark Gutterman, a property developer, believing after several meetings that he would continue to look after the club and take it forward.

After Mark Gutterman took over, the club won promotion back to Division Two and everything seemed fine, but no money was ever provided for transfer fees by the new chairman/owner and then starting in November last year the players wages started to be paid late and carried on being paid late until his sudden resignation last week. On several occasions the phones had been cut off and also the players had no hot water at the training complex at Colliers Park.

A Mr John Reames had appeared on the scene over the last couple of months, claiming he was here as a favour to Mark Gutterman and was not receiving a penny for his help, and on Monday night at a board meeting called due to Mark Guttermans departure he was made Managing Director. He was previously involved at Lincoln City where he was chairman and their fans cannot believe he has been allowed to obtain a position of power at another football club.

Amazingly, Mr Reames has admitted that Mark Gutterman was never owner of Wrexham Football Club and the owner is in fact a Mr Alex Hamilton, another property developer who is a close friend and business associate of Mark Gutterman, and Mr Alex Hamilton has admitted himself "that he has no interest in football". Mr Alex Hamilton also bought the freehold of the ground from Wolverhampton and Dudley Breweries over a year ago for £300,000 and this was never reported in the local press along with several other very important issues regarding the club. The club had a 125 year lease agreed for a peppercorn rent, this is now worthless as Mr Hamilton owns both the club and the freehold and can do what he likes with them.

According to Mr Reames, Mr Hamilton wishes to demolish the Kop and Yale stands during the season after next and rotate the pitch ninety degrees during the summer break to "free up" more space for redevelopment, once this is done Mr Hamilton will walk away from the club with a handsome profit leaving the club debt free. This will lead to the loss of the club car park and a reduction in capacity of the ground by 1500.

Obviously this is very worrying for any Wrexham fan as the current ground is a very good stadium and is better left as it is, and can it really be believed that all the work can be done while the team still plays at the stadium? Why do we need to build a smaller stadium on the same site allowing a property developer to walk off with millions in profit and pay off debts that have been created while he has been the owner, it just doesn't make any sense apart from someone asset stripping the land for their own benefit.

The obvious main worry is that once the work begins an excuse will be made that we will have to groundshare because of the work taking too long etc and we will never return as the land will be sold once we are off site, and for anyone who doubts this is a possibility, just ask any Brighton fan who are now fully supporting our cause as can be seen from the petition, along with fans of all other football clubs including not surprisingly Lincoln City.

Wrexham fans are currently now organising themselves to raise the money required to buy out the club.

Lane to Leigh

Another former Hereford United player is on the move.

Chris Lane, who was last seen at Edgar Street in April playing for Chester, is joining Leigh RMI.

Phil Starbuck, the Leigh manager, has signed Chris Lane after an impressive two game spell at RMI last season.

Former Everton trainee Lane plays in a wing-back role and has vast experience in the Conference. He has previously played for Chester, Hereford, Morecambe and Southport at Conference level.

Meanwhile it has been reported that Wrexham Football Club, who visit Edgar Street for a pre-season game, are losing over £1,000 per day.

During the past two years the club is said to have made a loss of around £1 million.

Shareholders will be told at their AGM that the club currently owes around £700,000 to the Inland Revenue and £400,000 to HSBC bank.

Nationwide extends Conference deal

The Nationwide Building Society is to continue its support of the Conference until the end of the 2006/2007 season reports Confguide.

The National division of the Conference will remain known as the "Nationwide Conference", while the two regional divisions will become the "Nationwide North" and "Nationwide South".

Peter Gandolfi, Head of Sponsorship at Nationwide, commented: "We are delighted to be on board for a further three seasons and this demonstrates our long-term commitment to football and, in particular, the Nationwide Conference."

John Moules, Chief Executive of the Football Conference, said: "To have a partner of the calibre of Nationwide Building Society - that also sponsors the England team and The FA Cup - illustrates how highly our competition is regarded.

"This deal represents a significant amount of support for the Nationwide Conference and provides our clubs with invaluable help.

"The sponsorship has been one of the most successful in sport in the United Kingdom and we intend to develop it even further."

Monday Comment

This is the first of an occasional feature by Huw Williams.

The Future's Bright, the Future's White

Looking forward to a new season has usually been a case of optimism that things are going to be different, followed by a sinking feeling round about mid-October that it's the same old mediocre stuff again. This time it really is different. Graham Turner gave us a team to be proud of, and came close, so bloody close, to getting us back into the league, and this time there's every chance we can go all the way.

The excitement is building already. Season ticket sales are up (credit to Parkabull for his tireless campaign on the forum!), most of the players we wanted to re-sign have done so, and GT has already added a couple of promising players to the squad.

OK, so some players have gone. The only one I think will be really missed is Guinan, who was the best all round footballer in the squad. A lot of people have said that all he did was put away the chances others created for him. What a load of rubbish! You could have said the same about Dixie McNeil or Steve White, or even Gary Lineker for that matter. Scoring goals is not simple. It's about making good runs, reading the game, being in the right place, and then putting it away coolly, not blasting it over the bar and wasting someone else's good work. His support play, holding the ball and bringing others into the game, and passing were all good too.

I think we can have confidence in Turner's abilities in the transfer market. Over the years there have been a few duffers, but his successes outnumber the failures by a long way. The profile of the club is raised now, and he can point to Parry's rapid rise as an enticement to young players, and to Guinan and Smith as examples of former league players resurrecting their careers. All these factors wil help him in getting the right sort of player to the club.

He has a clear idea of what he wants, and won't get just any old bloke who happens to be available. He had a radical change of approach two seasons ago, and started to bring in promising young, skilful players who had something to prove, rather than old journeyman pros looking for a final payday. This paid off, and the quality of the play at times has been outstanding. The only drawback to this style of play is that it needs everyone to be on form, if not passes start to go astray and the whole team loses its rhythm and shape. Teams that play the long ball, percentage football can carry a couple of players having an off day much more easily.

We all await the announcement of ROK's replacement eagerly. I met O'Kelly once, briefly, and his enthusiasm for the game was remarkable, plus he came across as a genuinely nice bloke. It's a great shame that he's gone, but it was a good opportunity for him to progress, and I'm sure we all wish him well. I hope his replacement has the same beliefs and carries on with the same style of play.

The drawn out 'will he, won't he? Matt Baker saga is infuriating a lot of people. To be fair, he's only trying to get the best deal he can for himself. I'm sure that many of the people who are moaning about a perceived lack of loyalty on Baker's part are some of the ones who gave him all the abuse when he had a bad patch in the middle of last season. It's a short career in football, and there's never more than a two year deal on offer, so I don't blame him for trying. However there comes a point at which he will have to make a choice. If he pushes his luck too far I'm sure Turner will tell him to take a hike.

So there we are. The core of a decent squad is in place. We need another striker, I think someone with a bit more height. I don't want us to become a long ball team, but we need some options when playing teams with 6 ft 4 in centre halves. I'd like to see a genuine left footer in the team, either in midfield or left back. Travis would be far better employed on the right side where he can get a decent cross in. We could even shuffle the back line across, put Smith at left back, move Green into a central position (he did a great job there when Tretton was sent off) and play Travis at right back. And we really need someone who can deliver a decent ball in from set pieces, which to be honest has been a gap in our armoury for a while (don't mention Rose, how he got his reputation as a dead ball specialist baffles me!)

We'll be good enough to be challenging all the way next season. We need to get off to a good start. We all know the cliché about a championship being a marathon not a sprint, but even in a marathon you need to get into your stride early. Also the team need our sustained support, we don't want all the whingers and moaners sounding off at the first setback.

Believe me, the future's bright.

Any comments on this article are welcome on the Independent Hereford United Forum.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Exeter in trouble again

Exeter City are currently banned from signing new players and were hoping that agreements recently made with the FA would allow them to lift the ban reports the Exeter Express and Echo.

The club announced in April that it was on the brink of having the ban lifted - until ex-boss Neil McNab contacted the Conference to complain about the £17,000 he was still owed.

Now that McNab's claim has been incorporated into their Corporate Voluntary Agreement (CVA), the Grecians thought the FA would cancel the embargo.

But the FA's compliance unit has now written to Exeter to tell them the ban must remain in place, because of the £7,629 owed to City's former assistant commercial manager Gui Rivaud.

Rivaud worked at St James's Park for just six weeks last year before being sacked by former chairman John Russell for alleged "industrial espionage".

Exeter vice-chairman Julian Tagg explained: "I said to the FA's compliance unit that it was becoming ridiculous. It doesn't seem right that they can keep coming up with a new person to stop us from having the embargo lifted. When I started to have a real go at them, they said they would look at it again.

"We've got our solicitors looking at it, but we don't believe that he (Rivaud) is a football creditor.

John Moules of the Conference explained that, because Rivaud was sacked rather than his contract terminated by mutual consent, he falls into the category of football creditor.

"This is an FA rule and a rule that the Conference aren't overly keen on," he added. "We have treated Exeter fairly, as we would all other clubs, and we are just acting on the instructions of the FA.

"Exeter can get the ban lifted at any time as soon as the football creditors are settled."

Johnson on Stansfield's move

Gary Johnson, the Yeovil manager, has told the Non-League Paper that allowing Adam Stansfield to move to Edgar Street was "one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made."

Johnson, currently in Portugal with the Latvian team, said that Stansfield had made his move after a long distance call to his former boss.

"Adam called and asked my advice and it was a difficult decision for me to make. He's a great lad who trains 100% and plays 100%, but I had to make room to bring one or two in and I beleive Hereford are a club who play the sort of football that he could thrive on. I just hope this doesn't come back to haunt me and make me look an idiot for letting him go."

Johnson said that with five strikers in his squad Stansfield had found it difficult to get back into the Yeovil team after his injury.

"It was difficult for him to get back after being out for the best part of a year, and although I would have been happy to see him back for training at Yeovil, I think this is a good move for him."

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Two very good candidates

A new coach at Edgar Street is expected to be appointed soon said Graham Turner in an interview with BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"I interviewed two last weekend. Two very, very good candidates. Both experienced men. I think it is very difficult to choose between them. are both coaches, not player-coaches.

"I would think that we will make an announcement next week on a new coach coming in.

"We are still looking at a physio. The qualification required by the Conference is a FA diploma in physiotherapy and we have asked the PFA to forward us a list of perhaps former players that have gone through the courses and got their qualifications.

"Ideally it would be somebody with a bit of ambition, somebody fairly young who has just finished playing, got the necessary qualification who really wants to cut their teeth in football.

Turner looking for several players

Graham Turner has said that he is still looking for several players to bloster his squad after signing Adam Stansfield earlier this week.

"The search is on to further strengthen the squad," Turner told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"I want another mid-field player despite signing Craig Stanley, and I'm still not certain what Matt Baker is doing.

"He came back from America.I'm understood he was going to make a decision on his future. I think he is on holiday now, so the search is on for a goal-keeper should he be leaving us.

"We have got to make provision now for an alternative although I had been prepared to leave certain positions into pre-season and had a look at one or two players during that period. I would like to get the squad as near settled as we can before we begin pre-season and then keep the options open. If there are one or two young lads that are going to start pre-season with us, we will be able to have a good look at them and keep an option open if they are good enough and we've got room to take them."

Going back to goalkeepers Turner continued:"I would like to get that position nailed down. Ben Scott last season was fairly consistent in his performances in the reserves. I'm sure he thinks he is good enough to take Matt Baker's place, but I think we will also take somebody with a little more experience and that's what we are working on at the minute. We definitely need to get that one settled."

Turner said that he had not made any more signings as yet.

"We are talking to a number of players," said the Hereford United manager.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Fixture list expected on Thursday

The Conference fixture list for the coming season is due to be published next Thursday, June 18th, and Hereford United fans will be eager to see how the matches will be scheduled.

Whilst the first game of the season is often a very attractive fixture, it is the turn of the year games that many fans will look for.

There are no local derbies since the Conference has lost Chester, Shrewsbury and Telford, so it is not obvious who the Bulls will meet. But then last year who expected to be matched with Exeter.

After last seasons Christmas/New Year fixtures with the Grecians, some supporters might hope that the festive fixtures will be with a closer club. But if the list gives the Bulls games against Forest Green, there could be a problem fitting in all the Hereford supporters likely to travel at the Lawn. Parking at the ground isn't easy at the best of times, so a Christmas fixture would need some good organisation.

Last year the Bulls played Exeter on Boxing Day evening at Edgar Street with the return at St James on New Years Day at 1pm. The kick-off time at Edgar Street was for Sky and the 1pm start at Exeter was on police advice. Both fixtures probably suffered a slight drop in attendance because of the start times.

Perhaps the only advantage of going to Exeter on New Years Day was that there was hardly anyone else but Hereford United fans on the Motorways.

Baker decision delayed

Matt Baker has delayed his decision on whether he is to sign a new deal or leave Edgar Street. Baker has taken a holiday so his future will be decided at a later date. Graham Turner has been in contact, and will stay in contact, with Bakers' agent.

Turner told BBC Hereford and Worcester this afternoon that he will be looking for other goalkeepers but will keep Baker's agent informed of any developments.

Bleasdale confirms Hereford interest

Steve Bleasdale has confirmed that Hereford United are interested in him as a replacement for Richard O'Kelly.

The 44-year-old Merseysider has been talking to the Liverpool Daily Post.

"It's extremely flattering to be linked with a club like Hereford United. We will just have to see what develops," said Bleasdale.

"Hereford have tremendous potential and like Chester this year, I am sure they can bounce back from play-off disappointment and progress that one step further.

"I loved my time at the Deva Stadium and have fabulous memories of the club, but that chapter of my life is now over, so I have to look to the future."

No Bull for Bulls

Hopes that Aldershot keeper Nikki Bull might be persuaded to join Hereford United has been dashed.

Bull, who has just signed full-time with the Shots, played against the Bulls in the two play-off games last season and was credited for his performances.

Some supporters had suggested that he would have made an ideal replacement for Matt Baker, whose decision whether to stay at Edgar Street is expected to be made today after talking to Graham Turner.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Turner pleased with ticket sales

Graham Turner is pleased with the level of season tickets sold so far. Part of the increase comes from new supporters who have find that the Conference is good to watch.

"I can imagine that we will top one thousand. It's a testimomy to the way we played last season," Turner told BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"And a lot of them are new supporters who just latched on for the last four or five games last season having gone and watched premiership football or first division football and suddenly realised that we played some decent football and the Conference isn't bad.

"I think it is very encouraging for us."

Craven to Telford

Dean Craven has joined AFC Telford. The Shropshire based left sided player was released by Hereford United at the end of last season. He was signed by Graham Turner in July 2003.

Whilst at Edgar Street he made ten appearances for the Bulls and will be remembered for his effort more than his skill.

By moving down several leagues Craven, now 25, will look a useful addition to the new Telford squad.

Chester bustup might help Bulls

Rumours are circulating that Steve Bleasdale could be in line for the vacant coaching job at Edgar Street.

Bleasdale, who lives in Liverpool, is currently searching for a new job in football as he recently left Chester reportedly over a difference of opinion.

He told the Chester Evening Leader: "I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Chester despite the ups and downs of the play-offs, and I thought I did a good job alongside Mark Wright.

"I'm now looking for a new job and I'm keen to get involved in football again very soon.I have coaching qualifications, and plenty of knowledge and experience in football.

"I've had jobs at Preston, Everton, Southport, and Chester, and I've been shortlisted for the managerial vacancies at Scarborough and Northwich."

Graham Turner said yesterday that there are two coaches in line for the post but he didn't name either one of them.

"I think it's very difficult to choose between them, as both are outstanding candidates," said Turner.

"Both are fairly experienced, and over the next few days I will have to make a decision on one of them."

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Baker decision tomorrow

Matt Baker is expected to tell Graham Turner whether he will stay at Edgar Street tomorrow. He is weighing up several offers from other clubs but has said that money will not be the only factor in his decision.

Turner has confirmed that he is making enquiries about another goalkeeper should Baker leave.

The Hereford United manager has also said that he hopes to have the coaching position by early next week.

Meanwhile a few more words from Turner about Adam Stansfield, his new signing from Yeovil.

He told the Hereford Times:"There's the hope that he might form a good partnership with David Brown although there's a challenge there for Danny Carey bertram, There is certainly a precedent for young players really coming goodin their second season here. You only have to look at Rob Purdie last year."

There has been some doubt as to the height of Stansfield but the Hereford Times says he is 5 ft 11in.

Turner confirms Bullsnews figures

Graham Turner, the Hereford United manager, has confirmed that almost 1,000 supporters have purchased early discounted season tickets as reported by Bullsnews on Tuesday after the offer closed.

The figure is almost double that at this time last season.

Turner told the Hereford Times:"There are a lot of first-time buyers and a lot of first time supporters who came and had a look at the end of last season, liked what they saw and decided to stay with us."

Chester can't get it right

Little appears to be going right for the management at Chester City Football Club these days, as it has been revealed that as well as no music licence, they have not got a liquor licence either. And even worse the Police have unknowingly broken the law at the Deva Stadium by having a function at the ground without a licence.

The problem was revealed this week as The Chester Chronicle investigated complaints that a number of events - including a wedding reception and 50th birthday bash - had been cancelled at short notice.

The soccer club this week apologised to the police party and other people who had events cancelled.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Police said: 'The police had no reason to believe there was a problem with the licensing of the function room, enquiries on the matter would have to be made to Chester City FC.'

Tony Carrs of Hoole was told with three days to go that his 50th birthday party could not be held in the club's function room because vandals had broken in and flooded it.

But hours later the police used the same room and Flintshire and Cheshire Police both confirmed that they have no record of any vandalism being reported.

Mr Carrs said he became suspicious when he visited the stadium the next day and they refused to show him the room.

New Coach shortly

Graham Turner has told BBC Hereford and Worcester that he is hopeful that a new coach will be at Edgar Street within the next two weeks.

He said that he had narrowed the list down to two outstanding candidates.

Meanwhile it has been confirmed that the next open day at Hereford United will be on Sunday August 1st. New home kit is expected to be on sale on the day.

And Graham Turner has told the Hereford Journal about his signing of Adam Stansfield.

"He just impressed me at Yeovil. He scored goals, around 16 in 30 games, which is better than 1 in 2, but he was unfortunate in his second session when he broke his leg," said Turner.

"However, he started in seven games, and went on about 29 or 30 times, and he will score goals. He's got a bit of pace, and he is very, very mobile."

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

More problems at Chester

After bouncing cheques and boxing matches, Chester City now face a possible court case over not having a music licence at the Deva Stadium.

One of the country's main licensing agencies, Phonographic Performance Ltd (PPL), has issued a writ at London's High Court against the club seeking a court order banning further music being played at the premises until music licences for them are brought up to date reports the Chester Chronicle.

The writ says PPL solicitors wrote to the club three times and sent a leaflet explaining why it needed a licence to play records in public. However, the writ alleges the club refused an offer to obtain a music licence.

The penalties for disobeying orders such as the one sought in the writ include fines of up to £10,000, and up to two years in prison for contempt of court.

Telford owe over £6m

Telford United Football Club owe over £6m. The club was put into liquidation this afternoon reports the Shropshire Star.

A report by the club's directors showed the former Nationwide Conference outfit had assets of £78,000 but owed over £6 million - the bulk of the money being a loan for the construction of the New Bucks Head stadium.

The liquidator revealed that there was now "little chance" of anyone getting the cash they were owed.

Telford was forced into liquidation after chairman Andy Shaw's Miras Group went into receivership in March facing huge debts.

The liquidator is to meet directors of the new club, AFC Telford United, to see if the club can make use of the Buck's Head ground and stadium facilities.

Turner welcomes Stansfield

Graham Turner thinks the style of football the Bulls play should enable his new signing, Adam Stansfield, to score goals.

Stansfield has joined Hereford United from Yeovil on a one-year deal.

Turner told BBC Hereford and Worcester:"I think he has a decent record, and if we supply him with chances he is more than capable of finishing them off.I think he will be an asset to us."

Season Ticket sales rise

Although there were no queues to beat the 4pm deadline for the best value season tickets at Edgar Street this afternoon, sales have been the best for many years.

Normally season ticket sales and membership bring in about £50,000 for the club. This year early sales are thought to easily beaten that figure.

It is understood that about 360 stand tickets have been sold and around 600 terrace tickets.

Using an average value of £90 for a ticket, the gross amount comes to about £86,000. This is an increase of £36,000 over the usual amount for season ticket sales, and there are still eight weeks to the start of the season.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Striker signed from Glovers

Adam Stansfield has joined Hereford United on a free transfer from rivals Yeovil Town.

Stansfield scored a total of 16 goals for the Glovers in their 2001-02 Conference campaign but suffered a broken leg and didn't feature in the following league season. In the past season the 25 year old netted six times, all in the league and only started 7 games, although he did appear many times as a substitute. Stansfield, the second notable new signing of the summer, will join David Brown and Danny Carey-Bertram as the first team strikers under contract for next season.

Stansfield's profile on the official Yeovil Site says:

Stansfield, who will be 26 in September, signed for Yeovil in November 2001 from Western League side Elmore. He spent four years at the Tiverton based club and was top scorer for much of his time there. He spent time on loan at Exeter were he played in their mid-week reserve games before returning to Horsden Park at the weekends. Has already become a top scorer the season before last and a firm fan favourite. Broke his leg at the beginning of last season but has now returned to full match fitness.

His bad injury came during Yeovil Town's opening fixture of the 2002-03 Conference season at The Avenue, Dorchester. The game was completely overshadowed by the injury to Stansfield that occurred fifteen minutes into the match, and saw the Yeovil Town striker stretchered from the field and rushed straight to hospital. It was later confirmed that both the fibula and tibia were broken in stanfield's right leg.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Vaughan slated by Emery

Chester's boxing chairman, Stephen Vaughan, has been given a lecture by NLP editor David Emery after the two clashed over a cheque from Chester that had to be reissued to Hereford United for match tickets. (see articles earlier this week for more details).

Emery reveals that Chester had been warned by the Conference bosses that "unless the account was settled then the consequences could be of the upmost seriousness.

"The implication was that Chester could be prevented from taking their place in Division Three. Under that pressure Vaughan paid the bill".

Emery suggests that unless Vaughan keeps out of the headlines newspapers could start to analyse his business dealings.

O'Kelly talks about Hereford

Richard O'Kelly has given a long interview to the Non-League Paper in which he admits that leaving Hereeford was "a really hard decision because the job at Edgar Street isn't quite finished."

After talking about the past season and that decision to send off Andy Tretton in the play-off game, O'Kelly looks forward and says that he doesn't think that with some people leaving Edgar Street it will mean the break-up of the squad. He takes Chester as an example.

"Chester missed out in the play-offs and then won the league the following season. It will be hard for the Bulls but I think they are more than capable of bouncing back next season and going on to win promotion. The core of the team is still there.

"Hereford will always look for hungry players and I would tell anyone who is looking to get back into the Football League that Edgar Street is the place to come, as you will get a chance.

"Graham runs it like a League club. He picks up a lot of players who have been discarded by clubs higher up and lets them use it as a vehicle to get back into the League.

"The players are given an opportunity to play and show what they can do and, if they leave and move on to better things, then Graham will shake them by the hand and wish them all the best.

"Graham wished me all the best when I told him about the move to Bournemouth, even though he swore a few times when I first told him.

"It was nice to know he thought so highly of me and I have left with his full blessing."

Moving to the South Coast side with its higher standard of facilities will be a bit different for O'Kelly from Edgar Street.

"You used to have to fill in the rabbit holes, mark out the pitch and put the nets up every day. I'm sure that helped the team spirit as everyone mucked in and had a laugh about it.

"That great team spirit allied to the ability within the squad is why I'm tipping Hereford to be as strong next year as they were this season.

"I have given Graham a list of names who could replace me, and he has his own ideas too, so it is a case of watch this space.

"But I'm sure that whjoever takes over the role will still have a talented, hard working bunch of players at his disposal and I'm sure they will make an impact next year."

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Baker will speak to Turner

Matt Baker will speak to Graham Turner this week about his future. The Hereford United goalkeeper returned from America yesterday after a superb performance for the English squad last Wednesday at Charleston.

It is reported in the Non-League Paper that he has received three offers from other clubs, including one from a Second division club, and that the transfer of coach Richard O'Kelly could be a factor in his future.

"It is the first time in my career that I have been in a position like this and I am not going to rush into anything.

"I will make my mind up over the next four or five days, but in the end my decision will be a football one. It's not about money.

"Richard O'Kelly is the best coach I have worked with and he was a big influence to me.

"I haven't totally ruled out staying at Hereford , but I will speak to Graham Turner this week and see what comes out of that."

Williams signs new contract

Ex-Bulls Gavin Williams has signed a new contract at Yeovil which could keep him at Huish Park until late Spring 2006.

Yeovil rejected a £100,000 bid from Hull City on Thursday and Williams now seems set to stay in Somerset. His previous contract was due to expire next summer, but Williams signed the new deal yesterday after returning from holiday.

"There has been a lot of speculation about me and I'm delighted to put a stop to it all," Williams told the Western Daily Press.

Pitman confident for next season

Jamie Pitmam has been talking to the Evening News about next season. He is confident that the Bulls will be a force in the Conference again despite losing several players and coach Richard O'Kelly.

The Hereford United midfielder said:" We've still got a big core of the side we had.

"Hopefully we won't concede as many goals as we did early and we can look as solid as we did last year, especially at the end of the season.

"If we play the way we were playing, still create the chances and bring someone in to take them like Steve Guinan did, we can do well.

Looking back on how well the Bulls did last season Pitman continued: "With us doing so well it was inevitable that players will go.

"If perhaps we had gone up then possibly I think they would have stayed but you can't begrudge them wanting to progress their careers - good luck to them.

"Especially with the way we played and the football we produced we were always going to attract other clubs. You expect players to go, that's the way it is in football.

"Richard was probably the biggest loss out of everyone with his whole impact on everything that has been going on at the club.

"He will be a massive loss to us. But again it is another thing for him. There are not many opportunities come around when you are coaching and he deserves it for all the good work he's done with us.

"His whole enthusiasm for coaching and just everything he did helped create a big bond between players and management."

Friday, June 11, 2004

Friendly at Ludlow

Hereford United are to return to Ludlow for a pre-season friendly again this July.

Last year the Bulls visited the new Coors stadium and defeated Ludlow 13-1. It was Hereford's highest win in a friendly match since beating Gibralter 15-0 in 1974.

Five of the goals came from Danny Carey Bertram, who scored four times in the opening eleven minutes.

The date of the friendly has not been confirmed but is expected to be in third week of the month probably July 22nd.

Reformed Telford are also visiting the Coors stadium in July for a Shropshire cup game.

Bulls lose out for now

Peter Taylor has confirmed that Hull City have dropped out of the bidding for ex-Bulls midfielder Gavin Williams.

Talks with his Yeovil counterpart Gary Johnson ended in deadlock.

Taylor said: "I made an offer but Gary turned it down. For me, that's the end of the matter and we'll look at someone else now."

Later Gary Johnson told the Yeovil official website:"Contact has been made by Hull City, but Yeovil Town have turned down Hull's offer for Gavin Williams.

"Gavin remains under contract to Yeovil Town until June 2005."

Turner lectured in Wales

Graham Turner went to Wales this week. He is on the look-out for a player coach to replace Richard O'Kelly and says he is confident of appointing someone before the start of the season.

Turner told BBC Hereford and Worcester before his travels:"I'm going up to the Welsh FA pro-licence to do a lecture on the relationship between manager and coach.

"It's possible that there is a player there taking his pro-licence that might fit the catagory of contributing something on the pitch and becoming a coach off it.

"So things like that, we've got an open mind, but come the first week in July, when we are ready to start training, we'll have people in posts."

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Rebranding to raise awareness

Hereford United will move to League Two next season, assuming they are promoted from the Conference.

The top leagues in English football have been renamed with the aim to raise awareness of the lower leagues. Plymouth Argyle, Queens Park Rangers and Brighton & Hove Albion are joining the ranks of the Championship, the new way to describe the first division.

Confused? Well, the Football League claims that the move will help supporters and sponsors to look at lower-division football in a more positive light.

Sir Brian Mawhinney, the Football League chairman, told The Times that the word "division" had become "a bit outdated" and that "we are trying to revitalise the whole thing from being a traditional structure to more brand-led. We want our games to become ever more attractive. We also want a commercial audience to be encouraged to re-evaluate its perception of the League."

Barry Fry, manager of Peterborough United, said: "It's the first time I've ever been promoted without having to kick a ball in 30 years of management."

However some clubs are saying that the announcement of the change of name couldn't have come at a more difficult time as much of the printing of tickets and the like is already done.

At least Hereford United won't have that problem this season.

Bulls stay in Central Conference

Hereford United will play in the Central Conference League again next season. The league gives an opportunity for squad players who do not get a weekend game to have match practice.

Seven clubs are to compete in this league. As well as Hereford United, Kidderminster Harries, Bromsgrove Rovers, Stafford, Worcester, Hednesford and Nuneaton are involved.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

National Squad draw with USA

The English National Squad draw 0-0 with the USA earlier this morning (British time).

Matt Baker and Andy Tretton of Hereford United played for the whole game whilst Steve Guinan, now with Cheltenham, was subbed on 59 minutes.

The USA had more goalscoring chances but Baker was reported to be in top form.

Turner hopeful over CVA

Graham Turner is hopeful that Hereford United will soon be free of the restrictions their CVA has brought to the club.

"The taxman and the VAT office have indicated that they will accept our offer and there is just a query with the Inland Revenue over some debts from six years ago. But we are optimistic that they don't exist," Turner told the Hereford Times.

Meanwhile the Vice-Presidents Club held their AGM last Monday. The club raised £20,500 for the Bulls last year and gained seven new members.

Subscriptions to the VP club cost £350.

Williams worth higher offer

Media reports from Yorkshire suggest that it now looks likely that former Bulls player Gavin Williams will stay at Yeovil unless an offer well over £100k is offered for him.

Dave Penney, the Doncaster manager, who is beleived to have offered £100k for Williams, is now chasing Wycombe Wanderers top scorer Jermaine McSporran after failing in a club record bid for Williams.

Penney said: "It's no secret we have made an offer for a player but it has been rejected and we are now looking elsewhere. Obviously it is disappointing but the message we have been given is that he is not for sale."

Doncaster Rovers and Hull City were both keen to sign Williams and it seems that Doncaster had outbid their Humberside neighbours with an offer of around £100k.

Neither club will now sign him unless Yeovil have a change of heart or they considerably increase their offers which seems unlikely.

O'Kelly settles in

Richard O'Kelly has settled in at Bournemouth and spoken to their official site on his plans.

New assistant manager Richard O'Kelly has vowed to bring a unique brand of attacking football to Bournemouth's play next season. He said, "Football to me is being entertained and scoring goals is entertainment."

O'Kelly coached at Hereford last season and the Edgar Street faithful saw their team rack up 103 Conference goals during the season. O'Kelly said, "I've this thing about football that as a player and as a spectator I've got to be entertained because if I'm not entertained then why do it? You may as well do a job you don't enjoy but I love football and have done for years. Football to me is being entertained and scoring goals is entertainment.

"A lot of my sessions will be based on forward movement although I think it is important that players know how to defend. Your first attacking moves start from a good defence so I am an attacking coach but it is important you have a good defence to turn into attack. Historically Bournemouth have always been a good footballing side with a reputation for playing football that is entertaining to watch."

O'Kelly was announced as the new assistant manager on Monday and he added, "My first impressions are it is a friendly club, very well run and a wonderful facility. I'd played down here a long time ago at the old ground and I had a "secret" visit a few months back just to spend the weekend with Sean and have a chat about things but that was the only time I'd seen the new stadium.

"Straightaway everybody's been very welcoming and the whole place seems like a nice place to work. My ambitions for the next twelve months are to be successful and I see success in exactly the same way as Sean.

"What we can control is the way the team plays, the way they prepare for games, the way the players look after themselves etc. What we can't control is the bounce of the ball, referees decisions and freaks of nature. Success is managing the things we can control and preparing ourselves for the bombshells and freaks of nature and coping with those."

Five in Conference vote

The Conference team of the year, which is voted by the 22 Conference managers, includes five Hereford United players.

Steve Guinan, Matt Baker, Michael Rose, Tony James and Ben Smith were all included in the team.

Graham Turner commented on BBC Hereford and Worcester:"It's a reflection of the season as a whole, but in particular of the finish we had.

"When the managers sit down with the forms and the pens, they think about what was happening in the week before, and the week before that. So as the lads finished off very strongly they came to the fore late on and duly got the votes.

"It's a good reflection on the way the team played and the individuals played last season".

Clarke moves to Redditch

Matt Clarke has moved from Telford to Redditch United.

The former Hereford United player moved to Telford United last May around the time former Bulls scout, Ron Jukes, left Edgar Street.

The right-back, who signed a two-year deal at Bucks Head after rejecting contracts with both Burton Albion and Hereford United, said he had been sorry to leave Edgar Street.

At the time he told the Hereford Times: "I was offered a new contract by Hereford but it would have involved a substantial drop in my wages, and I could not afford to take it.

"I have been linked with other clubs, but I met the chairman of Telford, heard how ambition he was, and he offered me a much better deal and more security than Hereford - which I would have been daft to refuse.'

30 year-old Clarke is likely to be paid a much lower wage at Redditch.

Round Two at Chester

A Sports journalist has hit back at Chester boss Stephen Vaughan after a fracas at an awards dinner according to the Chester Evening Leader.

"You hear about hooligans in the stands but you don?t expect them to be running football clubs," said David Emery, editor of the Non-League Newspaper.

Mr Emery was giving his version of events after a bitter punch-up between the two men at an end-of-season awards dinner.

Mr Vaughan yesterday refused to apologise for his part in the bust-up.

Today, Mr Emery said it was a "rather unseemly squabble".

He said: "We ran a story about Hereford being owed money by Chester City and reported the comments of Graham Turner, as well as speaking to David Burford, of Chester City.

"At the dinner I went across to Stephen Vaughan and congratulated him on the championship."

Mr Emery told Mr Vaughan about the article that was due to be printed the next day.

According to Mr Emery, the Chester chairman then asked him to "go outside" to discuss the matter further.

Mr Emery says nothing happened outside, but Mr Vaughan became angry and made threats.

He added: "He said he was going to sort me out. At 1am I was leaving the dinner and walked past his table.

"I said good night and he took hold of my hand. We wrestled and he tried to aim a very slow butt at me, which I managed to get out of the way of.

"We both fell to the floor and he was pulled off me."

Mr Emery said he was not totally surprised Mr Vaughan had acted in that way.

He said: "You hear about hooligans in the stands but you don't expect them to be running clubs. It was all rather unseemly. I was prepared to walk away and ignore the whole kerfuffle. We had already done our squaring up but he was not prepared to forget it."

Mr Emery is not taking the issue any further.

Mr Vaughan, a boxer for most of his life, said the row erupted after Mr Emery approached him and told him about an article about Chester City which was due to be printed the next day.

The article claimed Chester City owed £18,000 in gate tickets to Hereford United, a claim Mr Vaughan says is completely unfounded.

He said: "It simply was not true, I told Emery he needed to get his facts right to start with. He was aware the money had been paid after a little bit of a delay because of new FA stipulations.

"The truth is Chester City owed Hereford United £17,200 from ticket sales from Chester City's last game of the season. Initially I had sent a cheque to Hereford in the name of the management,Vaughan trading.

"Soon after, we heard of the new FA rules stipulating cheques could not be paid by third parties, a letter of explanation and an apology was sent to Hereford along with a cheque transfer."

The fracas happened in front of club shareholders, directors and Blues player Daryl Clare, who was at the dinner to collect his Golden Boot award.

Mr Vaughan said: "David Emery was just inviting trouble from the start. Words were exchanged, I made my views known and at the end of the night David came over and had a go at me. I hit him all I did was defend the club and I am not apologising for it."

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Bulls in America

Two Hereford United players are currently in America with the English National Squad for a match against a USA Eleven this evening (local time). It is another first for Hereford to have players representing their country in a National Squad playing a game across the Atlantic ocean.

Matt Baker and Andrew Tretton are both expected to start for England. Former Hereford player, Steve Guinan, is also in the squad and is likely to captain the side.

The match is to be played at the Blackbaud Stadium, Charleston.

Meanwhile, despite the recent loss of several quality players, Hereford United are still quoted at 5-1 to win the Conference this coming season. Carlisle remain favourites at present.

Latest odds from Skybet:

Carlisle 7/2

Hereford 5/1

Exeter 10/1

Morecambe 10/1

Aldershot 12/1

Green is staying says Turner

Ryan Green is staying at Edgar Street.

Graham Turner, Hereford United's manager, has told BBC Hereford and Worcester that the defender has not been the subject of any transfer bids and he will be staying at Edgar Street.

Last week The Chester Chronicle reported that City Manager Mark Wright was interested in Green.

Graham Turner says Green is under contract, and any talk of a move is just that, talk.

Beesley goes to Forest Green

Mark Beesley has signed for Forest Green Rovers.

Beesley, who spent several weeks at Edgar Street during the latter part of last season, was released by Hereford United last month.

The 23 year old Striker has signed a two year contract. He started his career with Preston North End, went on to Chester City where he scored 34 goals in 79 appearances, and in December last season he joined Hereford United.

Meanwhile Mark Wright has agreed a three year deal to stay as manager of Chester.

Punches thrown at Chester dinner

A Non-League sports journalist and the Chester chairman came to blows at an end-of-season victory awards dinner reports the Chester Evening Leader.

Chairman Stephen Vaughan has refused to apologise for the bust up, claiming he acted in self-defence in the bust-up with the editor of the Non-League Newspaper, David Emery.

Mr Vaughan said the row erupted after Mr Emery approached him at a trophy dinner, telling him about an article about Chester City FC that was due to be printed the next day.

The article claimed that Chester City FC owed £18,000 in gate tickets to Hereford United ? a claim that is completely unfounded, said Mr Vaughan.

"It simply was not true. I told Emery he needed to get his facts right to start with. He was aware that the money had been paid after a little bit of a delay because of new FA stipulations.

"The truth is that Chester City owed Hereford United £17,200 from ticket sales from Chester City's last game of the season. Initially I had sent a cheque to Hereford Utd in the name of the management, Vaughan trading.

"Soon after, we heard of the new FA rules stipulating that third parties could not pay cheques and a letter of explanation and an apology was sent to Hereford Utd, along with a cheque transfer."

The bust-up happened in front of club shareholder directors and City FC player Daryl Clare, who was at the dinner to collect a Golden Boot award.

Mr Vaughan, a boxer for most of his life, said: "David Emery was just inviting trouble from the start. He came over to me and introduced himself at the start of the evening as the editor of the Non-League Newspaper and he started telling me about an article about the club.

"Words were exchanged between us. I made my views known and at the end of the night David came over and had a go at me."

Mr Vaughan said that things then became heated, leading to a fracas.

"I hit him; all I did was defend the club that I support that was being accused of wrong-doing. I am not apologising for it.

"Earlier in the night Mr Emery had made a suggestion that there had been a rift between me and Graham Turner, the manager of Hereford United. That was completely wrong. I had had my photograph taken with him on the night and in a speech I said I was bitterly disappointed for Hereford, who had not achieved what they wanted to in the league.

"That man spoiled the enjoyment of what should have been a great night for Chester City FC, and I have since put the matter in the hands of my solicitor."

Mr Emery could not be contacted this morning said the paper.