Thursday, June 30, 2005

Exiles club renamed BEST

The recently launched Hereford United Exiles Supporters Club is changing its name.

It will now be known as BEST - Bulls Exiles Supporters Troop.

Chris Jones, who came up with original idea, has told Bulls News that he has already had over 40 enquiries about joining the Troop. He is hoping for more interest now that the fixtures have been published.

Just in case any reader missed the article dated June 10th that accompanied the launch, it is reprinted below:

During the last week of April I aged immeasurably. This was due to the fact that United were playing in the play-offs and I didn't know if I would be there to see it. This wasn't due to a lack of enthusiasm on my part, but due to where I live, as the Club had decided to sell tickets only to people who were able to queue for the tickets. Fortunately I was lucky and managed to get people to queue for tickets on my behalf, but the experience got me thinking about how this problem could be overcome in the future. With this in mind, I have decided to form an Exiles Supporters Club, which will be open to all Hereford United supporters living outside Herefordshire. I have spoken to Graham Turner and Joan Fennessy, and they are both happy with my proposals, which are as follows:-

1. Membership will be open to any Hereford United supporter living outside Herefordshire.

2. There will be a £10 membership fee per season. £5 of this will go straight to Hereford United, for enrolment in the Club's Membership scheme. This will automatically put members in the priority level below Season Ticket holders in the event of matches being made all-ticket, or when tickets are sold in advance of matches. The remaining £5 will be used for any administrative expenses arising during the season, e g posting of tickets to members, payment to Hereford United, etc. If there is any money left at the end of a season, this will be used to sponsor a player and/or matchball and/or a match.

3. If Hereford United or a home club decide that a match is to be all-ticket, members will have a set time to advise me of their intention to buy a ticket. I will then order the tickets from Hereford United, and distribute them on receipt of the payment. This will save people living all over the country form having to get family and friends living in Hereford to queue on their behalf.

As the Exiles Supporters Club develops, it might be possible for supporters to be put in touch with others in their area, for travel purposes or to host United fans when a match is being played in their area. If you are interested in joining the Exiles Supporters Club, please contact me at the following e-mail address:-

I would also be receptive to anyone who might also be able to design a logo for membership cards.

I look forward to hearing from you, along with any questions or ideas that you may have.

Chris Jones.


Anyone interested can use this application form:


Tel no:
Mobile no:
e-mail address:

Are you happy for your telephone number/s to be passed to other members who may wish to contact you? YES NO

If you have answered "Yes" to the above question, would you prefer to be contacted by:
(please tick one)

Are you happy for your e-mail address to be passed to other members who may wish to contact you?

Have you got any talents/contacts/businesses that may be of use to the Exiles Supporters' Club? If so, please elaborate:

Please return completed forms to:- Chris Jones
36 Oak Crescent
Leicester Forest East

Please make cheques (for £10) payable to "Chris Jones"

Coldicott talks about a move

Stacy Coldicott has been talking to the Grimsby Telegraph about a move away from Blundell Park.

The following is an edited version of the article by David Pye.

Grimsby Town midfielder Stacy Coldicott has confirmed he is moving on from Blundell Park this summer.

The 31-year-old Town man is out-of-contract with the Mariners and says he feels the time is right to leave. But while the Redditch-born battler has decided to move on, he adds that his future isn't decided despite rumours linking him with Conference side Hereford.

Coldicott told the Telegraph: "Nothing has been sorted out yet and I've not signed anything.

"I am just trying to keep fit at the moment.

"It can be frustrating at this time when you haven't sorted a contract out but you just have to sit tight and see what happens.

"I have spoken to Hereford and the talks were positive but nothing has happened yet.

"It's a case of wait and see with them, but I'm not panicking."

Coldicott has been training with his Grimsby team-mates this week.

"To be fair to the gaffer (Russell Slade) and Grez (Graham Rodger), they were willing to let me go in and train with the lads to keep my fitness up and that's been great.

"It suits both parties really because I can help with a bit of experience with the new lads and it also helps me stay fit.

Coldicott's inevitable departure from Grimsby ends a seven-year association at Blundell Park after his £125,000 capture from West Brom in July 1998. In that time he played more than 240 games for the Mariners in three divisions.

It would have been more games had Coldicott not broken his leg two years ago which kept him out for nine months.

Grimsby have been relegated twice in successive seasons when manager Russell Slade arrived from Scarborough and Coldicott had to fight hard to get back in the team.

However he ended last season as a first choice midfielder and even scored a goal, his first for four years. However he wants a new challenge this coming season.

"It was a disappointing year for everyone last season. After relegation it was crucial we consolidated but despite playing well at times, it never quite happened for us.

"Personally, I thought I had a better second half of the season last year but I did start to think about the future and to be honest have probably been doing for some time.

"After seven years here, I felt at the end of the season that it was probably time for a change.

"Sometimes you can get stale after so long at a club and need a new challenge. That's why I decided it was time to part ways this summer but it was all amicable.

"I don't owe the club anything and they don't owe me anything so we have parted on good terms.

"I played for seven years and always gave my all.

"Now I'm getting ready to move on, wherever it may be, I am just happy to play football regularly.

"But after being here for so long, of course I wish Grimsby all the best and I hope they can get it right next year."

Turner confirms interest in two players

The Worcester News has confirmed that Graham Turner is in talks with defender Dean Beckwith and midfielder Stacy Coldicott.

"We are very interested in him (Coldicott) and we are continuing talks," said Turner. "But he is still registered with Grimsby Town. It's the same with Dean - we are in talks.

"I am looking to bring in six, maybe seven players. Because the transfer window has been brought in, restricting teams from signing players during the season, we need our squad to be a little bit bigger than last year. I am looking at 20 to 22 players in total."

For Graham Turner to go into print with the names of these two players shows that he must be reasonably confident of them signing for Hereford United.

Anysinah may move from Bristol

Joe Anysinah, who impressed Hereford United supporters whilst on-loan at Edgar Street, could be leaving Bristol City.

The Western Daily Press has reported that Anyinsah is talking to Preston much to the disappointment of City boss Brian Tinnion.

"Joe told me on Tuesday night that he would be in on Wednesday to sign his contract," said Tinnion. "But I got a call this morning to say that he was speaking to Preston.

"He's been here since he was eight and did very well for us when he played last season.

"If he leaves we would be looking for a decent amount of money in compensation."

Fixture list for Hereford United.

Below is the full list of Conference fixtures for Hereford United:

UPDATED 1pm: List now includes "Cup" dates until the beginning of March. Later dates were published in recent articles.

13 August 2005
Hereford v Scarborough, 15:00

16 August 2005
Cambridge Utd v Hereford, 19:45

20 August 2005
Crawley Town v Hereford, 15:00

27 August 2005
Hereford v Grays Athletic, 15:00

29 August 2005
Tamworth v Hereford, 15:00

03 September 2005
Hereford v Altrincham, 15:00

10 September 2005
Stevenage v Hereford, 15:00

17 September 2005
Hereford v Morecambe, 15:00

20 September 2005
Hereford v Gravesend, 19:45

24 September 2005
Halifax v Hereford, 15:00

27 September 2005
Aldershot v Hereford, 19:45

01 October 2005
Hereford v Canvey Island, 15:00

08 October 2005
Accrington Stanley v Hereford, 15:00

15 October 2005
Hereford v Burton Albion, 15:00

18 October 2005
LDV Round One

22 October 2005
FA CUP 4th Qualifying Round

29 October 2005
Kidderminster v Hereford, 15:00

5 November 2005
FA CUP 1st Round

12 November 2005
Hereford v Woking, 15:00

19 November 2005
Dag & Red v Hereford, 15:00

22 November 2005
LDV Round Two

26 November 2005
Hereford v Exeter, 15:00

03 December 2005
Southport v Hereford, 15:00 (also FA CUP 2nd Round)

10 December 2005
Hereford v York, 15:00

17 December 2005
FA Trophy Round One

20 December 2005
LDV Area Quarter Final

26 December 2005
Forest Green v Hereford, 15:00

31 December 2005
Exeter v Hereford, 15:00

02 January 2006
Hereford v Forest Green, 15:00

07 January 2006
Scarborough v Hereford, 15:00 (also FA CUP 3rd Round)

14 January 2006
FA Trophy Round Two

21 January 2006
Hereford v Crawley Town, 15:00

24 January 2006
Hereford v Cambridge Utd, 19:45 (also LDV Area Semi-final)

28 January 2006
Grays Athletic v Hereford, 15:00 (also FA CUP 4th Round)

04 February 2006
Gravesend v Hereford, 15:00 (also FA Trophy 3rd Round)

11 February 2006
Hereford v Halifax, 15:00

18 February 2006
Canvey Island v Hereford, 15:00 (also FA CUP 5th Round)

21 February 2006
Hereford v Aldershot, 19:45 (also LDV Area Final 1st Leg)

25 February 2006
Hereford v Stevenage, 15:00 (also FA Trophy 4th Round)

04 March 2006
Morecambe v Hereford, 15:00

07 March 2006
LDV Area Final 2nd Leg

11 March 2006
Hereford v Accrington Stanley, 15:00

18 March 2006
Burton Albion v Hereford, 15:00

25 March 2006
Hereford v Kidderminster, 15:00

01 April 2006
Woking v Hereford, 15:00

08 April 2006
Hereford v Dag & Red, 15:00

15 April 2006
Altrincham v Hereford, 15:00

17 April 2006
Hereford v Tamworth, 15:00

22 April 2006
Hereford v Southport, 15:00

29 April 2006
York v Hereford, 15:00

No Kidderminster derby this Christmas

Hereford United will not entertain Kidderminster Harriers this Christmas.

The Conference fixture list, just released, has crushed any hopes the Bulls had of a particularily lucrative gate over the Festive period.

It is not immediately known why the two clubs could not meet at that time but it is possible that the Police may have objected.

The Police have the right to ask clubs not to hold fixtures if they feel that they would have difficulty in finding enough officers to be on crowd duty.

More on the fixtures shortly.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The fans matter at Hereford United

A Letter in this morning's Hereford Times gives Hereford United a pat on the back for being a caring club.

Just want to tell you a heart warning story in an age when corporate sponsorship, brand image and money seem to dominate the national headlines about football.

My dad and I go to Hereford United as often as we can, in total over 70 years between us! My dad has always been a season-ticket holder but because I live away and also study at university at weekends, in the past I have not bought a season ticket.

My dad is disabled having suffered a stroke some times ago, but he has never let that stop him from getting up in the stand to take his seat. During the last season my dad was also diagnosed with cancer and, although he missed some of the early season, by December, with my help, he managed to go back for virtually every home match until the last with Stevenage.

My dad is still ill, so he will need my help next season to get up to his seast, so I wrote to the club for a season ticket, asking them to allocate me the seat next to him. I was realy upset to find out that that seat had been allocated to the club sponsors and I wouldn't be able to sit with him.

I ran the club to find out more and told them our story. They put me on hold for five minutes and then said they would move the sponsors so thast my dad and I could sit together.

I just think this is a great story from football's grassroots! It seems that after all in some clubs the fans do matter.

I also want to thank Hereford United for being so caring.

Vicki Morris, Bristol

Two deals agreed says Turner

Graham Turner, the Hereford United manager, has told the Hereford Times that he has agreed deals with two ex-League players. An announcement is expected as soon as their contracts end at their present club possibly as early as tomorrow.

However Turner will still be looking to tie up several more deals as he looks to increase the size of his squad because of the introduction of a transfer window in the Conference.

"We are now thinking of a squad of 22 whereas it probably would have been 18 at the start.

"I'm sure the changes in the rules will put a strain on some clubs but fortunately we have the scope to increase our squad."

Players return to Edgar Street for training next Wednesday but Jamie Pitman won't be with them as he is at Lilleshall getting back into condition after his shoulder operation.

Simon Travis is hoping to take part in some training after his injuries sustained in Ireland last month.

"The other players have been working with fitness coach Tony Ford and so we expect them to return in good shape," commented Turner.

Good start to Season Ticket sales

Season ticket sales at Hereford United are in line with those of last season.

Around 370 stand tickets are understood to have been sold to date, which is a handful more than at this stage last year.

The figure for terrace sales is also beleived to be much the same as twelve months ago.

Tomorrow is the last day to purchase tickets before they rise slightly in price.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Another signing on the cards

Gillingham defender Dean Beckwith is rumoured to have sealed a contract with Hereford United.

21-year-old Beckwith has experience in the Conference having spent a loan period with Dagenham & Redbridge, and featured in the 1-1 draw at Edgar Street in October 2003.

He was released by Gillingham earlier this month having come through the youth system at Priestfield, and spent a spell on loan at Margate last season.

Beckwith stands at six foot three, and an announcement regarding his signing is expected later this week.

Updated 9pm:

Wayne Jones, the Hereford United physio, used to be at Gillingham and would know all about Beckwith.

Aiston could move to Conference

Sam Aiston, who has been released by Shrewsbury Town, could move to a Conference club.

The 28 year old had talks with Kidderminster yesterday and, with the Harriers looking to have solved their ownership problems, he might make the move to Aggborough.

However Burton Albion are beleived to have offered the winger a two year deal and there is speculation that Hereford United may also be interested.

"There are a few clubs after him," said Stuart Watkiss, the Harriers manager.

"I understand he will speak to a couple of other clubs later this week and make his decision soon after that."

Coldicott training with Grimsby

This article has been posted on the Official Grimsby Town Website this morning.

Out of contract midfielder Stacy Colicott is currently training with the Mariners in a bid to keep fit.

The former West Brom man is thought to be on his way to Conference side Hereford United.

Meanwhile This is Grimsby have printed a similar story:

Out-of-contract midfielder Stacy Coldicott is also training with his old team-mates though he is still expected to move on before the start of the new campaign with Nationwide Conference side Hereford United rumoured to be his most likely destination.

Kidderminster's future looks more secure

The future of Kidderminster Harriers looks more secure with the news that the vice chairman and his consortium have agreed a deal with the current owner.

At a fans meeeting last night chairman Lionel Newton read out a statement which said that Barry Norgrove and his Aggborough Holdings Consortium would take over at the club.

A formal agreement should be signed later this week.

Manager Stuart Watkiss has been hampered in his search for new players in recent weeks because of the uncertainty at the club.

The news of the takeover was reported on BBC Hereford and Worcester this morning. They also said that the club has had cash flow problems recently partly caused by supporters not purchasing season tickets. The news that the club should start to move forward again will help stabilise the situation.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Brown gets two year deal at Stanley

David Brown, who left Hereford United just before the end of last season, has signed a two year deal with Accrington Stanley.

He will team up with Andy Tretton, another former Bulls player, this coming season.

Meanwhile Cambridge United's future looks more secure after HM Customs and Revenue agreed to allow the CVA (Company Voluntary Agreement) to move forward - they have confirmed that they will not vote against it.

A creditors meeting is expected to be held around July 13th. Reports suggest that a 19p in the pound offer has been made to creditors.

Trophy dates released

The dates for the FA Trophy have been released.

This list is from

Sat 17th Dec 2005: 1st round proper (nationwide conference clubs enter at this stage)

Sat 14th Jan 2006: 2nd round

Sat 4th Feb 2006: 3rd round

Sat 25th Feb 2006: 4th round

Sat 18th Mar 2006: semi-final, 1st leg

Sat 25th Mar 2006: semi-final, 2nd leg

Sun 14th May 2006: FA Trophy final (date to be confirmed)

Cambridge decision expected this afternoon

A decision on the future of Cambridge City is expected later this afternoon. Meetings are currently taking place. More later.

Meanwhile the expected announcement about the future of Kidderminster Harriers has been delayed until later in the week.

Travis talks about his injury

The following comes from the PFA Website:

Simon Travis has revealed how his England dream turned into a nightmare after a collapsed lung saw him rushed to hospital fighting for breath. Hereford's 28-year-old full back had already suffered heartbreak when the Bulls crashed out of the Conference play-offs at the semi final stage for the second year in succession before his England tragedy struck.

He was making his first appearance for four years for the non-league National Game XI in the traditional end-of-season four nations tournament in Ireland. It was all going according to plan for the former Telford man as England had just taken the lead against their hosts when disaster struck. Travis took a knee to the ribs and collapsed in agony before being stretchered off.

However, this was only the beginning of his four-day ordeal as he revealed: "I was gasping for breath and the physio rang for an ambulance immediately when it didn't ease off so I was on my to Cork University hospital ten minutes after being stretchered off.

"My breathing was shallow in the ambulance but I was trying not to panic as I presumed worrying would only make my chest tighter. I was stuck in A&E for an hour and a half before I saw a doctor and they finally gave me a CT scan at one o'clock in the morning. I was with the England doctor all the time and he thought I might have damaged my spleen as well as breaking a couple of ribs, but they actually found that one of my lungs had collapsed.

"I was totally oblivious to all that was going on as I was on morphine and in a world of my own, but I certainly knew about it when the morphine wore off. Because of the trauma when I sustained the injury, I lost the use of both of my lungs for a while, which could have been pretty serious."

Travis's night to forget continued, as he had to wait until four o'clock in the morning before surgeons finally cut him open. A tube was inserted between his ribs to help drain the blood that was weighing heavily on his lung and forcing it to collapse. And as Travis admitted, he looked a sorry sight shuffling around Cork hospital.

"I had a tube sticking out of my side that was attached to a see-through box and I had to carry it round with me for two days," he continued. "As you can imagine, I was getting some strange looks from people as I walked round with a box full of blood. It wasn't a great experience but I am very grateful to the FA as they flew my wife Charlotte over and she spent four days with me.

"That was handy as it can be a lonely place when you aren't feeling well and she is a psychiatric nurse so she feels at home in hospitals. We were finally flown back by air-ambulance to Walsgrave hospital and it cost the FA somewhere in the region of £80,000 to fly us both back so I will always be in their debt. I couldn't fly at the normal 30,000 feet as the pressure would have been too great on my lung, but I am recovering well and aim to be back for pre-season."

On the football front, Travis, who is set to start a plumbing course in Dudley in September, is hoping that it will be third time lucky next term. The Bulls have finished runners-up for two years in a row but fallen at the play-off hurdle on both attempts. However, unlike last season when there was a mass exodus of players only Andrew Tretton and Mark Robinson have left while Graham Hyde and Danny Williams have been released.

Travis believes that the relative financial stability and squad strength will mean that the Bulls can finally take it one step further next term. "It is devastating to finish runners-up and then lose in the play-offs two years on the bounce," added Travis. "We have kept the nucleus of the team and if we can bring in three or four additions then we have a real chance.

"I think we will be competing with Stevenage, Aldershot and one dark horse for the title but I am sure we can pull it off this time. The club is financially stable now and that is fundamentally the most important thing. We are definitely going places and it is a massive club at this level with the catchment area all around. We will pull in 6,000 if we are doing well and I don't think anyone else can say that at this level. Everything is positive and I will be back for pre-season and determined to make my mark next year too."

Sunday, June 26, 2005

New signings expected this week

The coming week will bring news of the Hereford United fixtures for the coming season and, almost certainly, confirmation of at least two new signings at Edgar Street.

The fixture list is released on Thursday. Supporters will be especially interested to see who the Bulls play on the opening day and who they are paired with over Xmas.

As regards new signings, there is a suggestion that Graham Turner will not announce any new additions to the Hereford United squad until next Friday July 1st. There has been much speculation as to who these new players might be. In particular a forward from Doncaster and a midfielder from Grimsby are being touted.

Finally season tickets rise in price after Thursday.

Trewick looks forward to promotion

The Hereford United coach has told the Non-League Paper that has hopes the Bulls will top the Conference this coming season after missing out on promotion for the second time running.

"We missed our main objective and that was promotion," said John Trewick, "but we can put that down to experience and move on.

"I can't say what we can and can not do next season because it does not work like that but we'll be looking to go up automatically. You can be sure we'll work our socks off to acheive that."

Terry Brown, the Aldershot manager, is optimistic that the Shots and the Bulls will be in the race for promotion.

"We live in hope, but I think us and Hereford will be teams to watch."

Meanwhile ex-Hereford United midfielder Scott Willis is interviewed about his career in the paper. The last trophy he won was with the Bulls in the final of the Herefordshire FA Senior Cup when he was on loan at Edgar Street.

"We beat Forest Green 3-1 and I scored the first."

His last goal was also when with Hereford. He remembers it well and also the story about his leaving the club.

"Right foot top corner against Barnet and you had me on the NLP front page sliding on my knees in celebration. The following Sunday you had me on the third page for drinking two nights before a game!"

He was also sent off in that game.

"Thirty seconds into the game I got my first, which was unbelievable and then I picked up another in the second half."

Friday, June 24, 2005

Season ticket are affordable says Fennessy

Another reminder that the season ticket special offer at Hereford ends this coming Thursday has been made by Joan Fennessy.

Speaking to the Worcester News, the Hereford United secretary also told supporters that the club was aiming to keep tickets affordable.

"When you think of matchday prices costing £13 for adults and £7 for children then it can be quite expensive for families," she said. "We have put season ticket prices up by £10 but we are in an area where fans have to travel to games and are aware that this all adds to the cost.

"We believe we have got the pricing right. We made a good profit last year and season ticket sales are again going well. If you put prices up too much then you can lose some who cannot afford to come."

An appreciation of Frank Lord

The following article, written by Richard Prime, appeared in this weeks Hereford Times.

Former Hereford United manager Frank Lord has died of a heart-attack at his home in South Africa at the age of 68.

Lord was appointed to the Edgar Street hot seat in November 1979 and was in charge until September 1982.

He could hardly be described as Hereford's most successful manager with his first two seasons in charge ending in re-election applications.

But in 1981-2, things had appeared to be coming together with a 10th-place finish in the league and an FA Cup run which produced a rare foray into the fourth round where the Bulls went down 1-0 at home to a Leicester City side featuring the young Gary Lineker.

The following season, however, a wretched start quickly brought the Lord era to a close.

While Lord's sides were far from promotion-contenders, his ability to spot a player was not in doubt.

Jimmy Harvey and Mel Pejic, two of Hereford's most distinguished players of the 1980s, were both Lord signings while Keith Hicks, Danny Bartley, Adam Musial and Ian Bray, among others, all joined the club during his period at the helm.

His final match in charge was a 2-0 home defeat by Mansfield, after which he appeared to realise the writing was on the wall.

"I've never known a team of mine play as badly as that before," he said. "Frustration is beginning to creep in."

He left with one point from five matches and his successors that season, Tommy Hughes and John Newman, were unable to do much better as the club finished bottom of the old Fourth Division.

As a player, Lord established a reputation as a goalscoring centre-forward.

He began his career with Rochdale where he scored 54 times in 122 league games before moving on to Crewe Alexandra where his record of 68 goals in 108 games was even better.

While goals proved harder to come by at Plymouth, 70 games and 23 goals, a move to Stockport brought a hat-trick on his home debut starting a run of 18 goals in 27 games which ended in a £10,000 transfer to Blackburn Rovers.

There were just 10 games and a single goal in his brief period at Ewood Park and a further short stay at Chesterfield, six goals in 12 matches, before he wound up his career at Plymouth with two more goals in six games.

Lord then began his managerial career in South Africa before arriving at Edgar Street.

After he left Hereford, Lord spent some time as football co-ordinator and, briefly, caretaker manager with Wigan Athletic before returning to South Africa where, at the time of his death, he was a scout for Manchester United.

Cambridge future still unclear

Cambridge United are still uncertain whether they will be able to take their place in the Conference next season after a compromise proposal aiming to solve their dispute with the Inland Revenue was rejected this afternoon.

According to their Official Website they have until Monday to find a solution. Their financial director Nick Pomery admitted that the club was very surprised and disappointed that the Inland Revenue rejected the proposal.

"The decision certainly has implications for the rest of football, and not just us," he said.

Pomery explained yesterday that two options to secure the club's future were under investigation and he confirmed that the second option was still alive.

"We are still pursuing an alternative with the Football Association and we hope to be in a position to say more about that on Monday. All is not lost.

"We still have funding through to Monday night, by which time we're pretty confident that we will have worked out whether this last option will work or not, and we're very grateful for Colin Proctor for selling his collection of Cambridge United memorabilia to help the club out and keep us alive for that extra day."

Meanwhile the future of Kidderminster Harriers looks more promising. An announcement is expected on Monday when it is thought that the consortium led by vice-chairman Barry Norgrove will take over the club.

Coldicott again linked with Hereford

Stacey Coldicott has again been linked with a move to Hereford United.

Recently released, Coldicott is said to be "looking to go to Hereford" by a source close to Grimsby.

Early last week Bulls News reported on speculation that Coldicott, who comes from Worcestershire, could be one of Graham Turner's targets. He would fit the bill for a strong mid-fielder who prefers to defend rather than attack.

Update Saturday:

Earlier this week Cod Almighty published a comment on Coldicott.

When he's not trying to become a fireman there's nothing Stacy Coldicott enjoys more than the odd bit of professional football. After turning down the presumably piss-poor terms on offer to prolong his spell with the Mariners, the club's second longest serving player is rumoured to be considering a move back to his native midlands with Hereford United of the Conference. We know this because it says so on Town's official website. We don't know how they know, though. Or at least the Diary doesn't. I do know that Hereford coach John Trewick was at West Brom at the same time as Stace. But so were lots of other people, probably.

The Official Grimsby site has also reported the speculation that Coldicott is rumoured to be on his way to Hereford United.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Baker gets Two-Year Deal

Former Hereford United goalkeeper, Matt Baker, has secured a two year deal at MK Dons according to Teamtalk.

Milton Keynes Dons goalkeeper Matt Baker has signed a new two-year deal at the National Hockey Stadium.

A free-transfer signing from Wrexham in December, Baker made the number one shirt his own with 20 starts for Dons in the latter half of last season.

The 25-year-old's contract was due to expire at the end of the month but Dons boss Danny Wilson has now secured Baker's services until the summer of 2007.

Jeannin signs two year deal

As expected Alex Jeannin has signed for Hereford United.

The club has just released the following:

The Official Hereford United Website is pleased to put an end to the speculation over the arrival of Alex Jeannin, and announce that the former Exeter City man has, today, officially signed a 2 year contract with the Bulls.The 29-year-old Frenchman, who last week sparked rumours of his arrival at Edgar Street by stating he was happy to sign for United is now officially on United's books, after the club received his completed contract today. Jeannin is Bulls supremo Graham Turners second new signing of the summer, following on from Australian Jon Brady's arrival from Stevenage Borough earlier this month.The club are also in talks with three other former League players, and, as usual this website will have the official news on this as soon as the players return the completed contracts

Although the Official Site says Jeannin is 29, Bulls News understood he was born on 30th December 1977. If correct this makes him 27.

The following profile of Alex Jeannin was first published on Bulls News last Friday;

By Brian -

Jeannin's profile

Hereford United's new signing Alexandre Jeannin has plenty of experience in the football league as well as in the Conference and should prove to be a good signing for the Bulls, who have now filled the hole at left back following the departure of Mark Robinson.

Jeannin signs having been released after two seasons at Exeter City, where he played a total of 82 games, 72 of them being in the Conference. He has league experience with Darlington having played 22 times and also he has played in the league with Bristol Rovers at the end of last season, but his spell there was very short and he only played once.

Jeannin has also played in his native country, for Troyes, where he started his career.

The 27 year old Frenchman is a defender by trade although he likes to get forward down the flank, which is considered one of his greater assets. This signing may be an indication that manager Graham Turner is trying to build a squad for next season that will play a 3-5-2 formation, the same formation which helped the Bulls to an extraordinary 03/04 season.

At six foot tall and weighing 11.6 stone, Jeannin will also fit the bill of a more physical type of player which many supporters have been calling for at Edgar Street. He also is touted as a "free kick specialist", which, again, will be beneficial to United having released Robinson and Danny Williams, the two usual takers of last season.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Friendly at Bromsgrove

Hereford United will travel to Bromsgrove for a pre-season friendly on July 27th according to this mornings Hereford Times.

The full list of pre-season fixtures is below:

Sat July 16th: Bristol City (H) 3pm
Tues July 19th: Wrexham (H) 7.45pm
Sat July 23rd: Bristol Rovers (H) 3pm
Mon July 25th: Ludlow Town: (A) 7.45pm
Wed July 27th: Bromsgrove: (A) tbc
Sat July 30th: Notts County: (H) 3pm
Tues Aug 2nd: Aberystwyth: (A) 7.45pm

On Sat Aug 6th Hereford United play Westfields in the Hereford Cup final. Conference fixtures start on Aug 13th.

Fennessy says Jeannin situation delicate

Joan Fennessy, the Hereford United director and company secretary, has told the Hereford Journal that Alex Jeannin is yet to sign.

"As soon as the contracts have been completed we will make an announcement - but it's a delicate situation at the moment as you sometimes alert other clubs to good players and then you could lose the player."

She also confirmed that three experienced Football League players have been offered contracts and these deals should be completed by the end of the week.

Season Ticket prices in the Conference

The Conference have released a list of season ticket prices for all the clubs in the Conference.

Hereford United, once again, comes out as having very reasonably priced tickets.

Listed below are the 2005/06 season ticket prices, and concessions, for the 22 clubs in the Nationwide Conference.

Stevenage Borough have reduced their prices by around 6% on last season and have introduce a new flexi-scheme, which offers 1 off tickets bought in batches of three, six, and twelve.

While Aldershot, Cambridge, York, Exeter, Scarborough, Forest Green, Morecambe and Dagenham and have not increased prices for season tickets.

Club Adult Concessions Specials
Accrington Stanley £220 £110 Under 12s £42
Aldershot Town £230 £135 Juniors £50
Altrincham £170 £80
Burton Albion £215 £178
Cambridge United £210 £140
Canvey Island £210 £150 Under 16s £75
Crawley Town £162 £103
Dagenham & Redbridge £170 £96 Junior Daggers £50
Exeter City £198 £110
Forest Green Rovers £175 £110
Grays Athletic £190 £114
Gravesend & Northfleet £185 £92.50 Children half price
Halifax Town £230 £110 Under 12s £42
Hereford United £155 £85
Kidderminister H. £242 £151
Morecambe £195 £140 Juniors £50
Scarborough £180 £80
Southport £189 £122.85
Stevenage Borough £170 £130 Under 16s £90
Tamworth £190 £100 Junior Lamb £80
Woking £210 £160 Under 16s £50
York City £208 £128 Under 12s £29

All Prices and Concessions are based on lowest prices available and are subject to amendment.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bulls still available at 6-1

There has been little change in the Conference title odds for this coming season recently. Hereford United are still available at 6-1 with SkyBet, although some bookies have the Bulls down as low as 4-1.

The latest best odds are as follows:

Hereford 6-1 Skybet
Aldershot 9-1 Bet Direct
Stevenage 10-1 Skybet
Grays Athletic 12-1 Premier Bet
Morecambe 12-1 Stan James
Exeter 12-1 William Hill

Fixture List Delayed

The Conference fixture list is not going to be published until Thursday June 30th.

It is unknown why the Conference have delayed releasing the list unless they are concerned about the future of Cambridge United who have money troubles.

Meanwhile the Conference have released a list of the changes of clubs in the Conference:

Promotion to League Two of the Football League:
Nationwide Conference Champions: Barnet
Nationwide Promotion Final Winners: Carlisle United

Relegated from League Two of the Football League to the Nationwide Conference:
Cambridge United
Kidderminster Harriers

Promoted to Nationwide Conference from Nationwide North:
Nationwide North Champions: Southport
Nationwide North/South Promotion Final winners: Altrincham

Promoted to Nationwide Conference from Nationwide South:
Nationwide South Champions: Grays Athletic

Relgated from Nationwide Conference to Nationwide North:
Leigh RMI
Northwich Victoria (Voluntary Relegation)

Relgated from Nationwide Conference to Nationwide South:
Farnborough Town

Monday, June 20, 2005

A lot of preparation before the fixture list appears

The Conference fixture list is due out on Thursday morning, but before it can be released there is a lot of preparation.

The Football League have published an article describing how their fixture list is drawn out. Much of detail will also apply to the Conference.

Below is an edited version of the article:


The countdown has begun to the release of the fixtures for the 2005/06 Coca-Cola Football League season. Although the 2004/05 season has only just finished, fans are eagerly anticipating next Thursday, June 23 and the first chance to start planning for the forthcoming season. But that list of fixtures that excites so many people is the result of a huge amount of work. Work actually begins on a fixture list TWO years in advance. The Football League's fixtures department is already working on Season 2007/08. Sandra Whiteside, Head of Fixtures, Events and Competitions, and David Cookson, Fixtures Secretary, have the arduous task of trying to accommodate the requests of FIFA, UEFA, the FA, the clubs, the police and the fans into a 46-week fixture calendar.

One complication to the preparation of the fixture list is club requests. Details are collated via a questionnaire which is sent to clubs each March/April. This allows clubs to work with their local police force to identify certain dates when they would have difficulty hosting a game - ie when major events are on in the area such as Gay Pride in Brighton, major religious celebrations such as Eid, or the Northampton Balloon Festival. In addition clubs and their police forces will identify opponents they cannot host over Bank Holiday periods. The experience of the staff involved irons out most of the potential problems before working parties meet in June to formulate the final list. But any movement of fixtures at the drafting stage can cause serious problems.

Sandra explained: "It is another misconception that you can simply move a fixture. Any game that is moved involves at least two teams on four playing dates and more often than not you could be looking at reviewing the fixtures for 12 clubs on four dates. This is because teams are grouped with their pairings and any movement will affect pairings up and down the country and may put several sets of fans in one area at the same time."

David added: "It is never simply a case of clubs playing home and away on alternate Saturdays throughout the season. There are certain rules, like clubs can't have three successive home Saturday matches or three consecutive away matches. It is a misconception that all clubs can have a perfect home and away sequence. One thing we have always tried to do is minimise travel around holiday periods, but supporters need to recognise that some clubs prefer to make long journeys in midweek - it cuts down on their overheads because they don't need to pay for overnight accommodation. The club will travel on the day of the game and head straight home after the match. These requests mean we now have very limited options when we try to minimise travel with supporters in mind. Fans do need to know that we do try and help them as much as we can, but at the end of the day The Football League has to get the fixtures played."

The sequences are worked out by hand and on computers at the offices of Atos Origin in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Their draft list is then put before representatives of the clubs, the police and supporters groups, who review and alter the list where necessary. Once the initial list is finalised and released, clubs have a 10-day period in which they can request matches to be moved to - usually by a day ie Wednesday to Tuesday or Saturday to Friday. The job of fixture preparation has become more and more complicated over the years, and with ever increasing demands of European competition and international fixtures it is not set to become any easier in future years.

"It makes life harder and it makes it harder to sequence", Sandra said. "The more things in the equation the harder it becomes to get an acceptable fixture list. "But the experience and systems are in place to ensure come June each year the fans will have that fixture list for their wall."

Cup dates announced

The dates for both the LDV and FA Cups have been released.


First Round - Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th October 2005
Second Round - Tuesday 22nd and Wednesday 23rd November 2005
Third Round - Tuesday 6th and Wednesday 7th December 2005
Regional Semi-Finals - Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th January 2006
Regional Final First Leg - Tuesday 14th or Wednesday 15th February 2006
Regional Final Second Leg - Tuesday 21st or Wednesday 22nd February 2006
Final - Sunday April 2nd 2006

The Final will be played at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

FA Cup: (Hereford United start their campaign in the fourth qualifying round)

Fourth Round Qualifying - Saturday 22nd October 2005
First Round - Saturday 5th November 2005
Second Round - Saturday 3rd December 2005
Third Round - Saturday 7th January 2006
Fourth Round - Saturday 28th January 2006
Fifth Round - Saturday 18th February 2006
Sixth Round - Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd or Thursday 23rd March 2006
Semi-Finals - Saturday 22nd April 2006
Final - Saturday 13th May 2006

The Final will be played at Wembley Stadium, builders permitting.

The number of teams entering the F.A. Cup for the coming season will be 674.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

This team is worth supporting

There are just six weeks to go before five local football fans set out on their journey which is taking them to every premiership and Football League to raise money for St Michael's Hospice.

Recently Tim Harris, who now managers Merthyr Tydfil, joined Adrian, Ian, Matthew, Kevin and the group will be setting off from Hereford on a charity tour of the 92 Premiership and Football League Clubs, with the aim to be completed in 6days!

During their tour they will be collecting mementos from each club, with the view to having an auction in Hereford on Saturday 3rd September.

The charity is St. Michael's Hospice in Bartestree, Hereford. The hospice is committed to providing palliative care for people who have active and progressive incurable diseases, and support their families and friends. All five of the participants have had family members who have had Cancer, four of them have had family members cared for at the hospice. They therefore have very special reasons why they want to help this wonderful Charity.

Donating through this site
is simple, fast and totally secure. It is also the most efficient way to sponsor them: St Michael's Hospice (Hereford) will receive your money faster and, if you are a UK taxpayer, an extra 28% in tax will be added to your gift at no cost to you.

When Bulls News first reported on their aims, they had a target of £2,500. Already they have received over £2,400 and so have raised their target to £5,000.

Please sponsor them now!

Financial problems at Cambridge

Cambridge United are under severe financial problems following a dispute between the football authorities and the Inland Revenue.

The club has released a statement detailing the problem.

In essence, according to BBC Sport, talks broke down over the debt-hit club's plans to pay back creditors.

HM Customs are not happy with their share of repayments - and United will need to find emergency funding if a deal is not struck by Wednesday.

United are in administration and will not be allowed to join the Conference if they do not reach an agreement with their football creditors.

Media picks up Jeannin story

Most of the media has picked up the story that Alex Jeannin has signed for Hereford United despite the club saying it is not yet a done deal.

The original article about Jeannin's move to Edgar Street was published last Friday by the Exeter Express and Echo. It was then covered on the This is Exeter site and copied on Bulls News shortly after being put on the internet.

The story was seen on this site by BBC Hereford and Worcester who contacted Hereford United to confirm the story. It was then that the club said that Jeannin hadn't signed and this was reported by H&W on its Friday afternoon sports bulletins. They also told Bulls News that the club had denied signing Jeannin and that is why this site were able to publish the club's comments.

However BBC Sport, several internet sites and today's NLP have all basically taken the original story fron the Exeter paper without contacting Hereford United to see if Jeannin had signed or looking at this site to see the club's denial.

Yesterday (Saturday) The Official Hereford United website commented on the story: Despite reports elsewhere Hereford United have yet to confirm any new signings. As soon as we hear of any change on this position we will post the news here. (It is not known why the site waited until yesterday to print the denial.)

That comment was either ignored or simply came too late for other sources to chase up.

Graham Turner seldom confirms a story until it is signed and sealed. In the case of Jeannin it appears that the player was in France when the story was published by the Exeter paper. Whilst it seems unlikely that the basis of the story is wrong, until Jeannin signs on the dotted line and this is confirmed by Turner there is an element of doubt, however slight.

Brady vows to be super fit

Jon Brady has vowed to be super fit this coming season. He is currently keeping fit by playing cricket at Northampton League club Great Houghton.

In an article intodays Non-League Paper Brady talks about Australian cricket and their current UK visit. But of more interest to Hereford United supporters is his comments about fitness and Graham Turner.

"I'm going to come back super fit this year.

"I'm really up for the challenge because Graham Turner has been different class with me. It makes a refreshing change, and the way I want to reward him is through my performances.

"The Conference is going to be quite an open league next year, but I think we've got as good a chance as anyone."

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Agents slow down transfers

The process of signing players and building up squads is being slowed down by agents says Graham Turner.

In a timely article in the Worcester News, the Hereford United manager reveals that in his opinion football agents are making life a misery for managers. The agents look to push their players to where the money is.

"They think their players are going to sign for Man Utd or Real Madrid and are then left searching for a club when the season is about to start," Turner explained.

"Agents are now far more prevalent than a few years ago. I would say that about 75 per cent of players now have agents.

"It is really frustrating because the agents also need to see the contracts and sign them. It all takes time and managers want to have their squads sorted out for the first day of pre-season. The easiest way would be to make contact with the player.

"There are some good agents but there are also a lot of bad agents who are not giving their players the best advice."

Turner describes why negotiations with players can take so long because of the need to send copies of contracts to agents as well as players.

"We have sent out the contracts in the post having verbally agreed deals, but we have been in this position before where we believed we had the player sorted out only for it all to fall through."

Pre-season at Edgar Street starts on July 6 and Turner hopes to have beefed up his squad in advance of that date. And with the new Conference rules regarding the so-called transfer window he may need to sign players on non-contract terms as well as regular deals.

"It will be something new for all the clubs and will be something of a learning process," says Turner.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Jeannin has not signed says club

Hereford United have denied reports that defender Alex Jeannin has signed for the club. A report from This is Exeter said that the Frenchman had signed for Hereford, but this has been denied by the club.

It is thought however, that Jeannin has been in talks with United and will sign on the dotted line when he returns from France.

Update 4.35pm

BBC Hereford and Worcester have reported that a club spokesperson has said: "as yet no deal has been formally completed."

Corbisiero to train with Bulls

This article is from Swansea-Mad.

Released Swansea youngster Antonio Corbisiero has accepted the offer of a trial with Hereford United and will join up with the Conference outfit for pre-season training next month. Corbisiero is hoping to find a new club after being released by Kenny Jackett last month and told that he has no future at the club.

Despite impressing in numerous reserve matches over the past few seasons, Jackett believed that "Corbs" never really lived up to the potential that he had promised and left after only a handful of appearances, mainly in such competitions as the FAW Premier Cup. Conference South side Newport County had been keen to hold onto the youngster after he enjoyed a fantastic loan spell with them at the end of last year, but it appears that Corbisiero has his heart set on a return to professional football.

Corbs is a 20 year old attacking midfielder who has come through the ranks at Swansea in the youth set-up. He signed his first professional contract last summer

Former manager dies

Former Hereford United manager Frank Lord has died. He was 68.

Lord reportedly died of a heart attack. He had been working in South Africa as a scout for Manchester United.

Frank Lord started out in professional football as a striker for Rochdale and went on to play for Crewe, Plymouth - where he had two spells - Stockport, Blackburn and Chesterfield before going into management at Edgar Street.

Lord managed Hereford United from 1980 to 1982, but wasn't very successful. His record showed 26 wins, 35 draws and 39 defeats from 124 matches in charge.

Jeannin's profile

Hereford United's new signing Alexandre Jeannin has plenty of experience in the football league as well as in the Conference and should prove to be a good signing for the Bulls, who have now filled the hole at left back following the departure of Mark Robinson.

Jeannin signs having been released after two seasons at Exeter City, where he played a total of 82 games, 72 of them being in the Conference. He has league experience with Darlington having played 22 times and also he has played in the league with Bristol Rovers at the end of last season, but his spell there was very short and he only played once.

Jeannin has also played in his native country, for Troyes, where he started his career.

The 27 year old Frenchman is a defender by trade although he likes to get forward down the flank, which is considered one of his greater assets. This signing may be an indication that manager Graham Turner is trying to build a squad for next season that will play a 3-5-2 formation, the same formation which helped the Bulls to an extraordinary 03/04 season.

At six foot tall and weighing 11.6 stone, Jeannin will also fit the bill of a more physical type of player which many supporters have been calling for at Edgar Street. He also is touted as a "free kick specialist", which, again, will be beneficial to United having released Robinson and Danny Williams, the two usual takers of last season.

Jeannin reportedly joins Bulls

The following article is from This is Exeter:

Former Exeter City defender Alex Jeannin has been forced to turn his back on a possible return to the Football League after Shrewsbury Town stalled on offering him a deal.

The Frenchman has instead opted to join Nationwide Conference side Hereford United - meaning he could make a rapid return to St James's Park next season.

Former Darlington left-back Jeannin spent two successful years with the Grecians but was released at the end of last season after manager Alex Inglethorpe had his playing budget slashed.

The 27-year-old always planned to prolong his career in England and was hopeful the League Two Shrews would give him a route back into the league.

But a contract failed to materialise and Jeannin was forced to look elsewhere.

"I had been in contact with Shrewsbury but that was a no-go because they wanted me to wait until July," he told Echo Sport from his native France.

"I was thinking I was going to sign for them but I had another meeting and was asked to wait again. I was thinking about them but I couldn't wait any longer so I turned down their offer.

"I had a good meeting with the Hereford staff, manager and chairman and everything was very good.

"I'm a bit disappointed not to be back in the league, but maybe I wouldn't have been first choice at Shrewsbury. I'm happy to sign for Hereford."

Jeannin has made more than 100 appearances for English clubs, including 39 for City last season, since joining Darlington from Troyes in 2001.

He was given special dispensation to turn out for Bristol Rovers on the final day of last season, but he turned down a permanent move to the Memorial Ground as he was unlikely to be a first-choice next season.

So he was glad of the opportunity to establish himself in the Bulls' side for next season as they look to better last year's failure in the Conference play-offs.

"It was my challenge to come back to the Football League, but I have signed for a very good Conference club who want to win promotion next year," Jeannin said.

"Maybe I can get back into the league with Hereford, I'd be happy to do that. They have kept their good players and also want to sign some more. They were very keen to sign me. They wanted me very badly so I think I have made a good choice. They want me to be first-choice left-back, but you can never guarantee anything so I have to go there and prove myself.

"I have to go and work very hard for my place."

The Edgar Street side are one of the Grecians' closest rivals in the Conference and the two sides have clashed on Boxing Day in each of the last two years.

And Jeannin was looking forward to returning to St James's Park as a visiting player next season.

"I know a few of the Hereford players because we have played lots of games against them in the last two years," he said.

"I know they are a quality team who play good football and I think I will enjoy it. Last year we (Exeter) dominated them but two years ago they dominated us.

"But every time it was a very good game with a big crowd and I expect it to be the same next season.

"It would be very good to come back to the ground and see the staff and the players.

"It will be a bit weird to play there, but that's football and I'll be happy to come back to Exeter."

However, Hereford United have said that the reports are premature, and Jeannin has not signed.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Season ticket sales very good

There are only two weeks remaining to purchase Hereford United season tickets at discounted prices. The offer closes on June 30th, which is a Thursday.

Sales are reported to be going well as company secretary Joan Fennessy told the Hereford Journal earlier this week.

"The current offer on season tickets means that sales have been very good, but to catch the special offer come in before June 30."

The price of tickets rises by about 7% from July 1st. For example a Meadow End ticket increases from £155 to £170.

It is beleived that the club has taken over £50,000 in sales so far.

Meanwhile it has been very quiet on the transfer front all week. Offers were understood to have been made by Graham Turner to four un-named players last week, but nothing has been made public as yet about whether any of the players are considering coming to Edgar Street.

Holidays may be a factor delaying deals.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Dazzo fights tonight but loses

Hereford United supporter Dazzo Williams is in action this evening with the aim of defeating Nicky Cook.

At stake is the European and Commonwealth featherweight titles currently held by Cook.

Williams has to travel to Dagenham for the fight but some 80 or so local fans are expected to be at ringside to cheer him on.

The bout is live on Sky.

Update 6.30pm:

BBC Hereford and Worcester are reporting some 80 to 100 fans at Dagenham. Chris Powis (another well-known Hereford United supporter) was interviewed about Dazzo's chances.

"The object of the exercise is to try and get a result with the ambition of getting a re-fight straight away and see if we can get him back to Edgar Street and have an open-air do."

Update 9.15pm:

Dazzo Williams lost his title this evening to Nicky Cook. Dazzo failed to beat the count just two minutes in the second round after being knocked onto the canvas.

More non-contract players says Turner

Graham Turner, the Hereford United manager, is reviewing his plans about the size of his squad for the coming season in the light of the introduction by the Conference of a transfer window.

"It means that we will have to carry more non-contract players," Turner told the Hereford Times.

"But I'm pleased to say that the club is sufficiently stable that we no longer have to sell players to raise funds.

"We have had to do that in the past and that option will no longer be available."

Brady talks about his move

Jon Brady who has left Stevenage for Conference rivals Hereford has told the Comet that "I never wanted to leave the club".

The 29-year-old, who lives in Northampton, will link up with another former Stevenage player, Simon Travis, at Edgar Street.

"I didn't want to leave but circumstances forced me into it. I was offered a substantially lesser deal and it was not even enough to pay my mortgage.

"Graham Turner really wanted me to go to Hereford and I appreciate that.

"I've been at Stevenage for a year and a half and I didn't want this to happen. The whole situation has surprised me with the way I played since Christmas.

"I've had a superb time with the fans and playing down the right in front of the East Terrace was brilliant. I would really like to thank the fans and all the players; I've left some good mates there."

Rumours and Speculation

This time of year is usually the most difficult to differentiate between truth, rumour and speculation especially about possible transfers.

The latest player to be linked with Hereford United is Tom Cowan, currently with Carlisle.

The News and Star published an article about Cowan's future which suggested that he may be after a coaching job with Gretna but it also mentioned that both Hereford and Weymouth have expressed an interest in him.

36 year old Cowan is a natural left back. He is leaving Carlisle because of a 37.5% pay cut.

Meanwhile former Hereford United player John Brough has signed for Aldershot.

The 32-year-old defender had also interested Conference rivals Forest Green after ending a seven-year stay with Cheltenham at the end of last season.

A defender-cum-midfielder originally from Notts County, Brough never played for the Magpies and joined Shrewsbury Town in 1992. After two seasons at the Gay Meadow, he moved to local rivals Telford United and then Edgar Street soon after. He saw highs - the play-off run - and lows - relegation - at Edgar Street but stuck with the club until his departure to Cheltenham Town in 1998.

Clarification of new rules

Below is a press release from the Conference regarding the recent rule changes.

Transfer Windows

Over the past 12 months it has become clear that FIFA Regulations regarding Transfer Windows would be implemented in the Football League and the Nationwide Conference despite a concentrated effort by both competitions to resist the system.

While the Premier League have already being operating under Transfer Windows the effect on Conference Clubs will be monitored closely over the coming season. Clubs may need to be more selective when signing players and the number in the first team squad during the open Transfer Windows the first of which closes on 31 August and re opens on 1 January and remain open until 31 January.

The Conference have amended the number of Players clubs can register on Loan during the season to allow for more players to be registered at any one time with up to 4 Short Term and 4 Long Term now allowed. The number of Loan Players allowed to play in any Conference fixture is increased to 5 per match. These amendments will go some way to allowing clubs to operate with adequate squad numbers during the playing season.

The one exception outside Transfer Windows is the registration of a Goalkeeper for a minimum period of 7 days should a club have no registered goalkeeper available for a Conference fixture.

Increased Promotion

The Conference has already reviewed the new 66 club structure and has decided to increase promotion and relegation between Nationwide Conference and Nationwide North and Nationwide South at the end of the 2005/2006 season. The increase will provide for 4 clubs two each from North and South being promoted, the Two Champion Clubs and the Two winners of North and South end of season Play-Offs.

Also at the end of the 2005/2006 season only Two clubs will be relegated from Nationwide Conference to North and South while promoting Four this will for season 2006/2007 an increase in Nationwide Conference to a 24 club competition while North and South remain a 22 each.

The final phase of the structure is to seek parity with the rest of football by increasing the promotion to Three up Three down between the Football League - League Two and the Nationwide Conference.

Once again Conference clubs have lead the way in taking the opportunity for increase in promotion providing the gateway for successful,and ambitious clubs to progress.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Brown comments on Transfer Window

Aldershot manager, Terry Brown, has told the Aldershot News and Mail that he thinks the transfer window to be introduced by the Conference for this season is an "absolute nonsense". The basis of the transfer window will be to stop managers signing players other than in January. However the full details have not yet been released.

"If clubs have to get everybody on board by the end of August then it's going to suit the bigger clubs. I can't complain too much, as we are one of the bigger clubs but for smaller clubs, how can it benefit them as it means they will have to employ more players.

"I think it's absolute nonsense, I know why they're doing it, they want the Conference to be in line with the League so that when clubs earn promotion there's little difference between the sides.

"They want to be able to say that there's no difference between us and the Football League, but no-one has shown me what good this will do."

Brown was said to be starting the season with a squad of between 16 and 18, but may increase that to between 20 and 22 because of the new rules.

"I understand the thinking of it from the Conference in that any excuse the Football League has to say we're not the same as them, they will use. But for the FA and everybody else who does this benefit? I have yet to see anybody come forward and say 'this will benefit us'.

"I will now have to look at bringing in more players because I can't afford to have players injured during the season, to cover your backside you've really got to have 22 players which is more than I had planned. If they leave the loans rules alone that would help greatly but the rules on this isn't clear yet either," fumed Brown.

Graham Turner, the Hereford United manager, said last week that he might need to increase the size of his squad if the transfer window is brought in.

Conference Cup scrapped

One good move taken at the Conference AGM last wekend was to scrap the Conference Cup, which most clubs thought was an extra burden they could well do without.

Also approved was the move to increase the size of the Conference to 24 clubs.

Just two clubs will be relegated at the end of this coming season and four will be promoted. This will obviously mean an increase in fixtures, giving even more justification to the scrapping of the Conference Cup.

Another item from the AGM reported by Confguide was the vote to remove Paul Fairclough as manager of the English Non-League side. It is expected that Alex Inglethorpe of Exeter will take his place.

As regards the match programme award, this was won by York City. Worcester won the Conference North award. Its programme is edited by Graham Hill, who often reports on BBC Hereford And Worcester.

Meanwhile Trevor Challis has moved from Shrewsbury to Weymouth. He was thought to be interested in a move to Hereford United's Conference neighbours Kidderminster but that has failed to go through probably because of the on-going discussions over the ownership of the Harriers.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Four fixtures over Xmas/New Year?

Although the Conference fixture list isn't set to be revealed until the end of next week, the way the calander pans out this Christmas could mean four games in eight or ten days.

Suggestions that clubs in Division One and Two will play on Boxing Day, the day after, the following Saturday (New Years Eve) and January 2nd are not yet confirmed, but as Christmas Day and New Years Day both fall on a Sunday there will be three Bank Holidays over the period.

Even if teams play on Saturday 24th (Christmas Eve) then they will play on either Dec 26th or 27th. And that still leaves the two expected games over New Year.

It could give the Conference the chance to have two back to back fixtures over the holiday period. In Hereford United's case that might mean two fixtures with Kidderminster and two with Forest Green.

Unless the Conference's computer thinks differently.

Meanwhile amidst recent transfer news Scott Voice, the former Hereford United striker, is moving to Willenhall Town.

Willenhall will play in the Southern League Division One West next season.

Voice originally with Bilston Town moved to Hereford United before joining Redditch United at the start of last season. After a string of injuries Voice finally finished up on loan at Solihull before making the move permanent.

Hyde signs for rivals

Graham Hyde, released after his one year spell at Edgar Street, has signed for Hereford United's rivals Worcester City. The 34 year old former Premiership midfielder is City's second summer signing following his release from the Bulls.

"Andy Preece was looking for a specific type of player for the role he's brought him in for and one of the pre-requisites was he had to be experienced. I am pleased that we have managed to make our second summer signing. He's got a high reputation," said Chairman Dave Boddy, speaking to the Worcester News.

"He was at Hereford last season and he's a tough tackling competitive player. He can play as well and pass it. The manager was looking for an experienced player in that role and it should help everybody around him."

Hyde made 45 appearances for United last season in all competitions, starting thirty times in total.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Conference bring in transfer window

Yesterday's Conference AGM decided to bring in a transfer window which will also apply to the Football League.

The basis of the new rules were published on Confguide last Friday and the AGM confirmed that the 22 Conference clubs will not be able to sign players from the end of August until January when a one month transfer window will come into effect.

"Clubs will be able to sign goalkeepers if an emergency exists," said John Moules the Conference Director.

However, according to the Non-League Paper, for some unexplained reason Moules would not comment on certain aspects of the rules.

"I can't comment on the issue involving loan players and neither can the clubs. They have been told to remain silent," he said.

Why there is this silence is not clear unless there are talks going on about certain issues behind the scenes.

Moules did say that he didn't think the new rules would "have a great impact."

Comments from clubs were virtually non-exsistant after the meeting, but the impression was that the new rules could put up the costs of running clubs as they will be likely to need a couple of extra players in their squads to cover for injury crisis or suspensions and the like.

Travis sold the club to me

Jon Brady has told the Non-League Paper that Simon Travis was instrumental in bringing the ex-Stevenage winger to Edgar Street.

"What attracted me to them is the way they play football and the manager Graham Turner," said Brady.

"I've heard some unbelievable things about the manager and John Trewick and it was Simon Travis who helped sell the club to me. He said I'd be a big part of things.

"Hereford play a style that suits my game and I'm really looking forward to playing for them, and winning the Conference.

"The fans at Stevenage were unbelievable and the players were brilliant, but I can't wait for the season to begin."

Graham Turner also commented about Brady's arrival at Hereford.

"When we've been short of money in the past, we've taken players other clubs didn't want, but not this time. A lot of clubs were interested in Jon, including league clubs.

"He was impressed with the way we play and that was a factor. He feels he will enjoy playing for us.

"He's a typical Aussie, a very good competitor. He's got a great will to win and I was very impressed with him when I spoke to him."

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Forest Green stay in Conference

Near neighbours Forest Green Rovers are to stay in the Conference.

The Conference AGM made the decision today. Northwich will drop down to Conference North. Hereford United fans usually travel to the Lawn in their droves whenever the Bulls play against Forest Green.

The following statement is from Forest Green as published on Confguide:

Forest Green Rovers welcome the end of the uncertainty of where the club will be playing in 2005/06.

With our new stadium development well under way, a new Manager and going full time this uncertainanty has not helped at such a crucial period.

We can now proceed towards our long term objectives with renewed confidence, with continued support of sponsors and fans.

On the subject of fans, we extend empathy to the supporters of Northwich Victoria and whatever the immediate outcome, it is important that loyal fans ultimately have a club to support.

Who is coming to Edgar Street?

Since Graham Turner stated he was in contact with four possible new signings, speculation has heightened about the possibiltiy of Stacy (or Stacey) Coldicott, just released by Grimsby, being one of them.

Earlier this week Turner was quoted by the Hereford Journal:

I have also got four offers on other players, a central defender, left back, central midfielder and a wide right player. We are still also looking at a striker," he told the Hereford Journal.

On Thursday Turner confirmed that he had signed Jon Brady who is a wide right player and it's just possible that Stacy Coldicott could be the central midfielder he has in mind.

Russell Slade, the Grimsby manager, has told BBC Humberside that Coldicott will not feature in his plans for next season after rejecting an offer to stay at the Mariners.

Slade now believes it's time for him to look elsewhere as he tries to build a squad in time for the start of next season: "Stacey's probably in the same situation as Anthony (Williams - their ex-goalkeeper who has moved to Carlisle). We've had time. We're unable to improve the offer that we've made to Stacey and I'm sure that he will be weighing up his options.

"I have to move on, I have to build the squad. Stacey and Anthony are good professionals and they're aware of that situation, and they're aware that I've got to build a team as well as they've got to look for the best deal for themselves."

Stacey Coldicott was born in Worcestershire and worked his way through the youth ranks at West Bromwich after joining as a trainee. He was at the Hawthorns for seven seasons although he was loaned out to Cardiff City for a short spell in autumn 1996.

After Grimsby returned to the first division in 1998, he was signed from West Brom for about £125,000 and has made over 160 League appearances for the Mariners.

Coldicott,a 5ft 11in midfielder weighing just over 11 stone, will be known to John Trewick, the Hereford United coach, as they will have been at West Bromwich together in the mid-ninties.

Grimsby Town Mad have this profile on Coldicott dated 29th January 2004:

Defensive midfielder who's hard work often goes unrecognised.

Now in his sixth season with the club after a £200,000 transfer from West Brom.
Stace's play is unspectacular and he often finds himself scapegoat of the fans, unfairly so as well. What Coldicott does bring to the team is a steady presence in midfield. Stace is never one to bomb forward and leave gaps at the back. Instead he allows the likes of Alan Pouton to go forward and cover their defensive duties. An on form Pinault-Coldicott combination is a sight to behold as the pair out battle and tackle opposition midfield's

Stace is a regular member of the 16, although not always the 11. Having broke his leg last season and missing the pre-season, Coldicott will relish the battle to get back into the first team, especially with the new competition in midfield.

There is no knowing at this stage whether Graham Turner has even spoken to Coldicott, let alone offered him a deal, but he does seem to be the kind of player needed to beef up the midfield.

Turner on Brady

Graham Turner has told the Worcester News that he thinks new signing Jon Brady is a traditional English winger, blessed with genuine pace and an eye for a good cross.

"I think he's a very lively character. He's quick and crosses a very good ball. That's the sort of player I think we need here," said Turner

"I've known Jon for years when he was at Chester and Rushden and Diamonds. He's been involved in Conference-winning sides and we are hoping he will be a winner again with us.

"He's got plenty of pace and likes to take the ball past the full-back. Danny Williams was not that quick, he was more of a control and pass player. They are two different types of players."

The Hereford United manager also remarked about his squad at Edgar Street.

"We've retained the nucleus of the squad from last season. Now we can add five or six more players for next season.

"We made offers to Mark Robinson and Andy Tretton, but I withdrew the offer for Mark. He did well for us for about 12 months, but good luck to him."

The pre-season friendly list

So far Hereford United have announced six friendlies and one local cup game, all of which are to be played before the start of the new season on August 13th. The list is as follows:

Sat July 16th: Bristol City (H) 3pm
Tues July 19th: Wrexham (H) 7.45pm
Sat July 23rd: Bristol Rovers (H) 3pm
Mon July 25th: Ludlow Town: (A) 7.45pm
Sat July 30th: Notts County: (H) 3pm
Tues Aug 2nd: Aberystwyth: (A) 7.45pm

The last pre-season game on August 6th, against local rivals Westfields, is the final of the Herefordshire Senior Cup at Edgar Street which was due to be played at the end of last season. Should Graham Turner sign any players with suspensions, this game being a county cup match would count as a fixture which could be used as a "suspension" game.

One of the Bulls opponents Ludlow Town are pleased to be entertaining Hereford United again this pre-season according to the South Shropshire Journal.

A delighted Ludlow manager Steve McCormack said: "This will be a very big game for us.

"Obviously it will bring in a big crowd, and some much needed cash to help us through the season. Hereford have always done well and the crowds will come along to see their players."

Meanwhile the fixture list for next season is due out on June 23rd.

Friday, June 10, 2005

Transfer window may apply in Conference

It is now thought that a transfer window may apply in the Conference this coming season.

Graham Turner, the Hereford United manager, said this week that should this happen he might need to increase the size of the squad at Edgar Street.

Clarification is expected at this weekend's Conference AGM, but Confguide has reported the basis of the details.

Nationwide Conference clubs will be subject to 'transfer windows' from this summer.

The AGM is expected to impose limits on when players can registered by clubs, in line with FIFA policy.

We don't yet have the full details, but all Nationwide Conference clubs will come under the "transfer window" for season 2005/6, which means players cannot be signed during August to December inclusive, or from February 2006 through to the end of the season. The window 'opens' for the month of January 2006.

The Conference League are attempting to be granted special exemption regarding loan players via the FA & FIFA and if this is agreed Clubs will be advised how many short, and/or long term loan players, can be used in matches.

Burton cover costs of new stadium

Hereford United's Conference rivals Burton Albion appear to have covered the cost of their new stadium and have agreed a new sponsorship deal as well.

According to the Burton Mail, the Brewers have sold Eton Park for £6million and clinched a record-breaking £50,000 sponsorship package with developers Fairclough Homes.

The proceeds from the sale of Eton Park, coupled with grants from sporting bodies, means Albion are confident of covering the £6.4million bill for their new Pirelli Stadium, which opens next month.

Fairclough plans to build 144 houss on the site.

Chairman Ben Robinson, who revealed the deal this morning, said it had enabled the club to build a state of the art stadium.

"The initial offers we received came in at under £4million and we have needed every penny of the £6million, plus grants from the Football Stadia Trust," said Robinson.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Hereford United supporter suggests Exiles Club

Stemming from the difficulties one supporter had trying to obtain tickets for last seasons play-offs, there is a move afoot to set up a Hereford United Exiles Supporters Club.

The basic idea would be a club for any supporter living outside Herefordshire and it has already had the backing of Hereford United directors Graham Turner and Joan Fennessy.

Chris Jones is the supporter behind the idea. Below he tells why he would like to see the club launched.

During the last week of April I aged immeasurably. This was due to the fact that United were playing in the play-offs and I didn't know if I would be there to see it. This wasn't due to a lack of enthusiasm on my part, but due to where I live, as the Club had decided to sell tickets only to people who were able to queue for the tickets. Fortunately I was lucky and managed to get people to queue for tickets on my behalf, but the experience got me thinking about how this problem could be overcome in the future. With this in mind, I have decided to form an Exiles Supporters Club, which will be open to all Hereford United supporters living outside Herefordshire. I have spoken to Graham Turner and Joan Fennessy, and they are both happy with my proposals, which are as follows:-

1. Membership will be open to any Hereford United supporter living outside Herefordshire.

2. There will be a £10 membership fee per season. £5 of this will go straight to Hereford United, for enrolment in the Club's Membership scheme. This will automatically put members in the priority level below Season Ticket holders in the event of matches being made all-ticket, or when tickets are sold in advance of matches. The remaining £5 will be used for any administrative expenses arising during the season, e g posting of tickets to members, payment to Hereford United, etc. If there is any money left at the end of a season, this will be used to sponsor a player and/or matchball and/or a match.

3. If Hereford United or a home club decide that a match is to be all-ticket, members will have a set time to advise me of their intention to buy a ticket. I will then order the tickets from Hereford United, and distribute them on receipt of the payment. This will save people living all over the country form having to get family and friends living in Hereford to queue on their behalf.

As the Exiles Supporters Club develops, it might be possible for supporters to be put in touch with others in their area, for travel purposes or to host United fans when a match is being played in their area. If you are interested in joining the Exiles Supporters Club, please contact me at the following e-mail address:-
I would also be receptive to anyone who can think of a catchy name for the club, and who might also be able to design a logo for membership cards.

I look forward to hearing from you, along with any questions or ideas that you may have.

Chris Jones.

Brady signs for Bulls.

Graham Turner has made the first signing of the off-season with a one year deal agreed with former Stevenage Borough winger Jon Brady.

Graham Westley, the Stevenage manager, had decided that Brady didn't fit into his plans after capturing the signature of former Bulls player Danny Williams and so Brady was released.

Jon Brady appeared regularly for the second half of the season but manager Westley decided that he wanted a different option for Boro's right side midfield for the new campaign, bringing in Herefords Danny Williams reported the Stevenage Official Website.

Born in Australia, Brady now 30, has been at Stevenage since December 2003. He first played for Hayes in 1996 and also had spells at Rushden, Woking and Chester. However since joining Rushden he has always moved on a free transfer.

This profile is also from Stevenage:

Jon joined Woking just prior to the start of the 2002/2003 season, from Rushden & Diamonds and then switched to Chester City at the beginning of October. Jon cost Rushden a £40,000 fee when he signed from Hayes in May 1998.

Australian Born, he has also has spells with Swansea, Wycombe and Brentford and spent a summer playing in Norway with Mjolner.

Jon gained a Conference Winners medal whilst at Rushden. He left Chester in December 2003 to take up a coaching role at Arsenal and then signed for Boro shortly afterwards.

And here is a profile from Boroguide:

The signing of Jon Brady proved to be a bit controversial in December 2003, when the midfielder had been made available by Premiership champions Arsenal to train and play with Graham Westley's team. He had departed Chester City just days before in order to take up a Highbury coaching offer, and the move came as a bit of a surprise. Brady didn't enjoy an easy start to life at Broadhall Way either. Hailed as a man who would bring an "extra dimension" to Boro's crossing, the early performances weren't encouraging, but by the end of the 2003/4 season, Brady had proved himself as one of Boro's most committed players.

Brady joins Simon Travis as the second Stevenage player to join the Bulls in recent years.

Turner pleased with off pitch support

Graham Turner has said that he is pleased with the support for Hereford United off the pitch.

Speaking on Bulls Call, he turned his attention to matters off the pitch and said he was pleased with how support for the club was going in areas such as season ticket sales.

"I'm told there going very steadily," said Turner. "around £2000 to £4,000 per day.

"Advertising board sales are going extremely well. Behind the scenes things are going really well.

"The last two seasons have stimulated a lot of interest in the club again."

The full interview is on Bulls Call on 09068664664

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Not if but when will Stanley sign?

According to this morning's Hereford Times Craig Stanley is to sign today.

Bulls News reported last Thursday that he was expected to sign for another year.

Stanley is beleived to have agreed a new deal and this might well be announced tomorrow.(last Friday)

Then yesterday the Hereford Journal reported that Stanley was coming in to sign today (Wednesday).

This morning the Hereford Times suggests he will sign today.

There is little doubt it is a done deal but it won't be confirmed until the club says so.

UPDATE 6pm: Signing of Stanley confirmed by Hereford United.

Two more friendly games arranged

Hereford United have added two more fixtures to their pre-season schedule. On Monday 25th of July the Bulls will visit Ludlow Town, kick off 7.45 p.m.

Then, a week later, Aberystwyth will play hosts to United on August 2nd, once again kick off is at 7.45 p.m.

Stanley completes retained list

Graham Turner has now completed his retained list from last seasons squad following the signing of Craig Stanley today, reports the Hereford Journal.

Stanley was United's most present player last seasons, featuring in every single game and starting all of them other than just one; Woking away at the end of the season when he was not training, only playing, as he was carrying a groin injury.

Talking about the re-signings, and possible new signings, Graham Turner was optimistic about the squad for next season. "I am quite pleased about the personnel we've managed to keep. I have also got four offers on other players, a central defender, left back, central midfielder and a wide right player. We are still also looking at a striker," he told the Hereford Journal.

Turner also commented that the squads in the Conference may be larger than before come the start of the season. "There is scope for five or six senior players, and three or four younger players with potential. We are not quite sure if the transfer windows system that works in the higher divisions will apply in the Conference, but if it does it will mean clubs will have to increase their squad size."

He also spoke about the departure of Andy Tretton to Accrington Stanley. "You must keep everything in perspective. Andy did very well for us, but time moves on and he did miss a lot of time with injuries in the last two seasons. Andy had an offer that he could not refuse from Accrington and he is also attending university in Manchester two afternoons a week, so it is much more convenient for him."

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Danny moves to Stevenage

Danny Williams is moving to Stevenage from Edgar Street according to the their official site.

Stevenage Borough have confirmed the signing of 25 year old Danny Williams from Hereford United. The right sided midfielder has made 108 appearances for Hereford since joining 3 years ago from Chesterfield and has been a regular member of Herefords successful side of the past few seasons.

Manager Graham Westley has been looking to add pace to his squad since the end of the season and is delighted with the capture of Williams.

Williams, along with Lee Mills, Graham Hyde and Ben Scott, was released by Graham Turner at the end of last season.