Saturday, February 26, 2005

Brian Smikle

Hereford United had a new player in the side today and yet again, he is from West Bromwich Albion. Simon Wright has once again kindly given Bulls News some information on the youngster.

"After Midworth (technically still available because he's a non contract player with Burton), Patterson (very likely to be released by WBA in the summer so available now) comes Brian Smikle, more often known as Junior (no idea why sorry). Young Smikle is in the "not available" category I would guess because he and Ezekiel Tomlinson are the two Albion youngsters training with the first team these days. I mention Zeke because who knows at the rate the Bulls are going, he might be turning out against Morecambe. He was also Trewick's favourite.

I must confess I haven't bothered with Albion reserves since November last year so my knowledge of Smikle is a little dated. Prior to then, young Brian was a regular on the reserves bench but rarely left it. Since December 2004 he's played in seven straight reserve matches in a wide midfield role. He scored against the Dingles of Wolverhampton during that spell, always a meritorious achievement. Regular reserve watchers comment on his pace and how well he dovetails with Kyle Patterson and Lloyd Dyer. What startled me was how rapidly young Brian has filled out. He was such a little lad not so long ago.

The Eastwood match was the biggest that Brian will have played in. Not the biggest crowd because some reserve sides pull in one or thousand supporters but the atmosphere is very much one of endurance and "what am I doing here?" The pitch wouldn't have been a problem because the Albion Youth team have trained and played on far worse. And hey, didn't Junior do well in Notts? Times were very hard. Not more than five or six years ago, I was among a group of fund-raising Albion supporters who raised cash to buy half a dozen pairs of new boots for the younger lads. I've still got the pictures to prove it. Tucka Trewick, Seke Tomlinson, Brian Smikle and others... proudly holding up their new boots.

Brian might not be available to sign a contract but Albion would be very happy to loan him out, I'm sure."

It is thought that Smikle has signed until the end of the season on loan at Edgar Street.