Sunday, February 13, 2005

Midworth could fit in at Edgar Street

Glynis Wright has kindly written this appraisal for Bulls News of Phillip Midworth who spent part of last week at Edgar Street.

Sometimes the football world is so predictable. You just know that a
certain West Midlands Premier League club, with a whole month to sign a
player, will still be scrabbling over contract details just four hours from
the deadline. Likewise, you can sometimes predict where departing players
will go. En route for Albion's latest hard luck story at Spurs, I suggested
to anyone polite enough to listen "Hereford could do worse than look at
Middy..." Lo and behold....

Phillip Midworth is a typical home grown Albion young player. Despite his
very best efforts, he's released before getting anywhere near the first
team. That's no reflection on Middy, just the nature of the beast. "We want
the finished product on the pitch and we want them now. Success now! Win
now!" Middy is essentially a left-footed full back or wing back.
Occasionally he's served in left midfield (filling in if Lloyd Dyer was
absent - incidentally another youngster who came close to moving to Edgar
Street at one stage). Phillip is stoutly built (not fat I hasten to add)
and is probably best described as steady and unspectular. I like the kid.

He fits Hereford's criteria very well. Young, talented, can pass a ball and
wants a chance to shine. Local too - which helps with the logistics.

He first made the Premier Reserve League bench in the 2002/03 season,
making the odd appearance. Most sides have internationals in this League
(though often they don't play like internationals). The pace - certainly
against the better sides (United, Liverpool, Villa etc), can be daunting.
Despite loads of surplus pro's needing a game, Middy made a decent number of
appearances last season while this term he played in virtually every game
for the Stiffs. Overall, it's a decent standard though you don't want to be
playing in it for too long. Most matches are of course played on Non-league
grounds these days.

Contemporaries for Phil are of course Tam and ace goalscorer Danny
Carey-Bertram plus Forest Green's Des Lyttle and Tamworth's SuperBob. From
his earlier days with the Youth side, he'll also remember Tucka and Richard

Since the above profile was written it has been confirmed that Midworth came on a sub for Burton Albion yesterday. The following comes from the

There was a new face on show for the Brewers today, when former West Brom defender Phil Midworth made a substitute appearance. Little is known of the player, who was even listed as "Phil Nidworth" on the official team sheet. However CTMD can reveal that Phil, 19, was on the Baggies transfer list for some time before finally being released from his contract.

Midworth never made an appearance for the first team, but was a regular in the reserve side, however he was released as new manager Bryan Robson began his squad trimming.

Whether Midworth is a permanent addition to the squad remains to be seen, as it is known that several league and Conference clubs are interested in him.

He played the last 10 minutes of this afternoon's game, replacing Andy Ducros in midfield.