Friday, April 22, 2005

TV Coverage of Play-offs.

The Football Conference have issued the following press statement about the play-offs.

CONFERENCE: Play-offs Update

The Nationwide Conference play-offs will be played as follows:

Semi-Final First Leg Ties - Monday 2nd May
One of these ties will be shown live on Sky Sports - probably with a 5pm kick-off. (TBC)

Semi-Final Second Leg Ties - Friday 6th May
Both matches commencing at 7.45pm with one being shown live on Sky Sports.

Promotion Final - Saturday 14th May (at Stoke City)
This match will kick-off at 7:30pm and will be shown live on Sky Sports

In the Semi-Final second legs and the Promotion Final, should a match end in a draw after 90 minutes play, two extra periods of 15 minutes each will be played. If the scores are still level after 30 minutes extra time the tie will be decided by penalty kicks in accordance with International Football Board Decisions.

At present therefore it is uncertain at what time the Hereford United away game will start. It could be either 3pm or 5pm. The home leg is still expected to commence at 7.45pm.

As regards the final start time there is still some uncertainty. The Sky TV guide says that the Conference Play-off coverage starts at 2.30pm, which presumes a 3pm kick-off. They are covering the Coca-Cola League Play-off Semi-finals on the same day on the same channel with start times of 12noon and 6pm.

However the TV guide may have been printed several days ago and events may have changed since.

The Conference have also clarified the position over the rules about final positions in the League.

With various outcomes still possible in the battle for the two remaining play-off places on Saturday, it's a good time to highlight the rules regarding finishing positions in the Nationwide Conference.

Of course, the Club with the most points will finish in the highest position. If however, two clubs have equal points the following criteria will be used in order to determine finishing positions:

Goal Difference - achieved by taking the number of goals conceded away from the number scored. The club with the highest number will be the higher placed.

If the goal difference is equal then the Club who has scored the most goals will be the higher placed.

If goal difference and goals scored are both equal, then the club attaining the highest number of wins in the playing season (42 Conference matches) will be the higher placed.

If after all of the above two clubs still have equal records then a single leg play-off on a neutral ground will be scheduled for Tuesday/Wednesday 27 or 28 April to decide the higher placed club. Should three or more clubs have equal playing records lots will be drawn to decide who plays who.