Friday, May 30, 2008

Talking Bull moves to Cyberspace

The independent Hereford United fanzine 'Talking Bull' is to continue...on the net. It was way back in 1989 that the first issue of 'Talking Bull' - the independent Hereford United Supporters Magazine - hit the streets. Just eight pages long Talking Bull existed "to give all Hereford United fans their say".

The fanzine was especially popular, and grew in size over the next 19 years reaching a mammoth 68 pages long in the early years of the new millennium.The 100th edition was published last month, however, times have now changed in the world as a whole and people have grown accustomed to instant responses to their views.We thought issue 100 was to be our last, but were hopeful that the fanzine could continue under another guise and medium...and so it's proved.

So here we are. 'Talking Bull' Lives On!

Chris Jones explains: "I think this is an excellent idea. With all that has happened in the past month, I think it would be a shame to let Talking Bull die when there is such an exciting (potentially!!) season ahead of us. The prospect of League One football at Edgar Street for the first time since 1978 is fantastic, and Talking Bull will be delighted to remain an outlet for Bulls fans views and comment from across the world. It's a great way for Bulls Exiles to keep in touch with all things Hereford United, and enjoy a bit of banter along the way. One of the main reasons for the demise of the printed version of TB is the rise of the internet, and so it's fitting that we are now embracing the technology and we would urge supporters that use it to get involved. Hopefully some of our former contributors will once again 'hit the keyboard' and stimulate plenty of discussion."

Initially all contributors have to do is email their articles, letters, comments etc to:

The articles stay on the web permanently as the site updates daily, and so will be archived alongside match reports, news, views etc. All the contributions will be a fundamental part of the site! And there's a dedicated 'Talking Bull' section too, and we'll be including all those 'Dear Talking Bull' letters. All profits will be donated to Hereford United Football Club and this will enable TB to carry on fundraising, selling merchandise, releasing newsletters on-line, sponsoring matches, players etc, etc. So, we look forward to receiving articles and content from contributors old and new.You never know the return of 'The Village Idiot', 'Talking Billy Bollox', 'Yokel', 'The Carrot Cruncher', 'Camels Corner', 'Olde Rosie' and 'Twickenham White' might just be coming your way soon. We look forward to all your views and ideas.