Monday, August 29, 2011

Q and A with Chris Hargreaves

Chris Hargraves's new book 'Where's Your Caravan' has just been released and to help promote it the former Hereford United player has taken part in a question and answer session with Bulls News.

What was the attraction of joining Hereford United back in 1996?

I wanted first team football, I thought that the manager could get promotion, and we got a free turkey at Christmas

After Hull and West Brom, didn't you find Hereford a bit sleepy, especially the night life?

Very sleepy but I was still living in Birmingham so there was no problem there !!!

Best goal you scored for Hereford?

Probably a volley against Cambridge away, or the winner against local rivals Cheltenham, I think on Boxing Day.

How did you get on with manager Graham Turner?

Really well, Graham is a great person and a very good manager. I have the up most respect for him and am delighted that he was able to turn the club around.

Who did you rate a player, if anyone, at Edgar Street whilst you were there?

Gavin Mahon was clearly a decent player, as he has gone on to prove. Gav or Billy as we used to call him was very quiet but he was also extremely determined, and as he got stronger you could see that there was real potential there.

Jamie Pitman was a youngster in the team - did you ever think he would become manager of Hereford United?

Incredible, 'Jenny' is a top lad and I am really pleased for him that he has got the job. I didn't see him going into management at all, but as they always say 'It's a funny old game' and I think so far so good.

How did you feel the day the Bulls were relegated to the Conference - the Brighton game?

It was the single worst moment of my football career. The build up was horrendous and the sense that Brighton could escape just wouldn't go away in the media. The changing room was like a crime scene afterwards. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach and was gutted for the club, and personally I had essentially dropped four leagues in a season.

It was a brilliant moment for me to see the club deservedly promoted back into the league.

There was a period in 1997/98 when the squad wasn't paid for some weeks - Did you think what the hell am I doing here?

For a few minutes yes !!!!! But I have always tried to be supportive of the club I have been at during my career, there were plenty of people not getting paid and we were always going to get our money, but I did have to laugh during those times when a fan shouted to one of our players (who has to remain nameless) after a game "You didn't really earn your money today sunshine did you" - or words to that effect!! to which he replied "No I played for free today mate anyway !"