Saturday, June 14, 2014

Northern Bulls Have Something To Say

This is from the Northern Bulls group:

An open letter to the owners/management at Hereford United

There have been a lot of things said and done in the last week or so by the new regime at Hereford United.
As a fan, volunteer and shareholder I’d like to make the following points to those who currently hold the power within the club:
1. Please pay all the staff in full now. Not tomorrow or next week but now. They have worked so hard to ensure the club still exists, just do it, now.
2. Please make sure all our former players are paid all their dues (including promised bonuses). These guys gave their all and deserve a massive amount of credit for their efforts.
3. Please pay all the local businesses that the club owes money to now. This has always been a proud community club. We have read the statements by players having to climb over fencing to train on concrete as that was all that was available due to unpaid debts. These are the same firms that sponsor games, pay for advertising and so on. Pay the bills, in full.
4. Please clarify people’s roles within the club. The website has a section “Who is who” that currently has a lot of blanks in it. Fill them in.
5. Stop treating the fans like mugs. My first match was in 1972 and there are a lot of fans who predate that. There are fans who buy season tickets, lottery tickets, Bulls Player subscriptions, shirts, the list goes on. These fans are some of the most dedicated in the country, treat them with respect.
6. Remember when making extravagant claims that these will be followed up. We do have access to Google, Companies House and other clubs forums, in the light of what has happened in the past we will check! 
7. All fans want to see football at the highest possible level. That’s where we should be. The fans groups within the club have different strengths and fulfil different needs (fundraising, information, social etc.) but let us make it quite clear we all want the very best for our club in the long term. The volunteers in the Trust have put a lot of time and effort into putting together a bid for it to be rejected out of hand. Tell them of your plans and listen to what they have to say. Work with them.
In summary, be open with us. Its not been the best of starts but there is still time to rectify it. You are custodians of a club that existed before you came on the scene and we will do everything possible to make sure it continues when you have moved on. We are supporters not consumers. 

These are the opinions of Ruth, aka Northern Bulls founder, Interactive Text team member and occasional snow off the pitch clearer.