Saturday, June 14, 2014

Open Message To Agombar And Ellis

Tim Burrows, aka Colebridge Bull, has a message for the new regime, originally posted on Bulls Banter and reproduced with consent:

Hi Tommy/Mark etc.

I come in peace. As you are clearly monitoring this board, I thought it was only fair to let you know what you are dealing with. You might have misunderstood a few things, and, I suspect, have been misled about a few others.

Let me introduce myself. I'm 53 years old and a professional person. I am married with three children. I spend far too much time looking at this board, and sometimes posting on here. If you've read this board for the last few days, you might be beginning to get a clearer idea about Hereford fans. I say fans advisedly, rather than Herefordians. But labour under no misapprehensions, the fans are a microcosm of the area, although many of us are exiles. For my own part, I was born in Birmingham. I lived in Hereford from the age of 3 until I was 6. In 1967' my family moved to Ross on Wye. Since 1970, I have lived in Ross, Monmouth, Colwyn Bay, Bristol, and, since 1988 in Gloucester. The one constant has been Edgar Street. And if ever I'm asked where I'm from-it's Hereford. Even though I'd need a map to get to Whitecross, wouldn't know how to get to Bobblestock and much f the City is unknown territory to me. Yet when I'm gone, I want my ashes scattered off the Callow.

You probably don't really get it yet. If a Herefordian appeared on a reality TV programme and said he or she came from Hereford they wouldn't turn to the audience and expect them to whoop moronically. A vajazzle is a type of tractor. We worship a bloke who walks around with a pint of beer n his head, not a clown with unnaturally bright white teeth who has made a career from being an idiot. We don't care for personalized number plates, flash cars, watches, shirts open to the waist, wife beater vests or permanent tanned bottle blond Barbie dolls on stilts. We think "shag"is a term of endearment, not something that you subject said Barbie to, then film it or boast about to the geezers down the wine bar. Oh, and we don't have wine bars and theme restaurants. We have pubs. Some serve food. We like cider made locally with apples rather than "summer fruit". Frankly we mostly don't go to London unless we have to for work or for a day out. I suspect most of us who do are delighted to get out as soon as we can. I know I am. 

The point is this. We like being from Hereford. We like being Herefordians. Mr Keyte got away with it for so long because we thought he was "one of us". You are not. You never will be. You have broken promises to good people who are part of our community. We have long memories. And we will never trust anyone who fails to make good on their promises. Ask Peter Hill.

the other thing you need to understand is that the Herefordshire Bull is well named. Look at it. Big docile harmless looking animal isn't it?You can poke it with a stick a couple of times and you'll probably be fine. But upset it, and basically you are f*cked. 

Take a few minutes and look around Addison's. The place you've got your trainees sleeping. Breathe it in. Then go on YouTube and take a look at Bulls fans and players at Aldershot. Those players that you and your predecessor are refusing to pay. Do you think that the fans won't care about that? That we'll forget that Players who stayed and gave their all are now just cast aside. Look then at the scenes at Brentford, at the Walkers stadium. Then at a certain game from 1972. Get it? Then ring the trust and take their £2 coin. 

You and your mates might have aspirations to take our club. There's an old saying round these parts.  Bear it in mind. Many have tried, none have ever succeeded. "You'll NEVER take the Meadow End"