Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Perhaps My Last Article For Hereford United Said Farmer

Mark Farmer may have written his last article for the Hereford United Offical Website.

I have just created what I fully expect to be my final article for the Hereford United FC Official Website after 20 years service to the club. I cannot lie, I've been in tears while doing it (I promised myself I wouldn't!).

I've just che...cked my bank account for the 10th time today to find that, as expected, my wages have not been paid in despite a 5th promise in 7 days. Eviction is on the cards for my wife and I with too many other bills piling up. I am not the only one that works at HUFC to be in this situation.

I'm sad to say that in the last few years I have seen some truly brilliant and dedicated co-workers (I think of them as family & friends) dragged further and further down into a very nasty mire. Their loyalty to the club has been a true inspiration to me, and I will never forget that.

My good friend & colleague Jamie Griffiths called it a day earlier today, I just cannot find it within myself to work at the club without him on board. A more dedicated person than Jamie I have never met. I feel for him and his family as much as I do for myself and mine.

Our media team 'volunteers' of Steve Niblett, Gregg Davies, 'Stig' Ammonds, Mark Ammonds, Chris Phillips & Rhys 'the camera guy' gave of their time for free, and did such a professional job along with it, all for the love of the club. They are brilliant people. Not forgetting those stalwarts from our past like Paul Jeffs and Jon Wells that did so much for the club in our earlier 'online days'.

Lee Symonds, Paul Harris, Ellen Moore Baggus & family, Rachel Norledge, Dave Preedy, Jamie Edwards, Steve Brotherwood, Adam Jones, Martha Baldwin, Steve Thomas, Chelsea Corner, Leigh Renton, Linda Richards and everyone else that works or worked at the club, none could be replaced by anyone better than them. (So sorry if, that in my despair, I have missed anyone).

It's been my pleasure to meet hundreds, if not thousands, of great Hereford fans over the years. These people are the Hereford United.

I do not wish bad things upon those people whose decisions and follies have driven our club to an all time low, all I will say is that I hope that they go to bed each night and think of us for a few seconds.

HUFC will never die. It's in our hearts and our blood.
I hope and pray that the club will end up in the hands of the people that deserve it the most, The Supporters. The supporters of Hereford United ARE the club.

Thanks for your support, it's been a ball!