Thursday, June 05, 2014

Rules Are Rules Says Burr

Chester manager Steve Burr has said that 'rules are rules' and therefore action should be taken against any club that breaks them.

Chester were relegated on the final day of the Conference season after Hereford won at Aldershot.

“I’m one of those people who thinks rules are rules, and if rules are broken then action should be taken," Burr told the Chester Chronicle

“We have done everything right and the rules are the same for all clubs.

“Whatever happens, happens but when players have not been paid and rules have been broken then something should be done.

“If we are fortunate enough to get a reprieve then we will take it and try to make the most of it.”

The paper suggests that  'in attempting to play hard ball with the Conference, Hereford's David Keyte and Tommy Agombar are on dangerous ground.

'Protecting the integrity of the league is the Conference board’s chief concern, as evidence in 2011 when cash-strapped Rushden and Diamonds were expelled.'

Meanwhile the Worcester News has published an article written by Steve Carley which sums up the situation the Bulls find themselves in.

HEREFORD United have well and truly entered the last chance saloon as far as their Football Conference future is concerned.
Although they avoided being wound-up for a third time in the High Court on Monday, with extra-time granted to reach a settlement with former manager Martin Foyle, the clock is ticking on their status in non-league’s top-flight.
Despite all the noises from Edgar Street about fresh investment, all we know is that Tommy Agombar is the new owner but details beyond that are incredibly sketchy.
The bottom line is, if Hereford fail to meet the criteria set out by the league before the annual meeting in Newport this weekend, they will be kicked out of the competition. No matter who is in charge.
The Bulls cannot say they haven’t been warned.
The club has lurched from one financial disaster to the next throughout last season and avoided relegation by the narrowest of margins on a dramatic final day.
In the six weeks since, Hereford have known they face being expelled by the Football Conference if all football creditors are not paid in full.
They will also have to prove they have the funds to complete next season’s fixtures, which means they have enough to pay their players and staff so HM Revenues and Customs don’t come knocking again. Given that chairman David Keyte is on record as saying around £300,000 is needed to achieve that, United need to act fast.
Yet, credible information has been sorely lacking and the fans that bailed Hereford out last month have been treated with complete contempt.
They deserve better and to know what is happening, but the club are leaving things extremely late.