Friday, June 13, 2014

We Have A Business Plan Says Hale

Jon Hale is leading a group of Herefordshire Business people who are to meet with Herefordshire Council on Tuesday afternoon.

Earlier he spoke to BBC Hereford and Worcester.

"Obviously it's a very difficult situation at the moment, the club is in a lot of debt, £1.3M as we understand it.

"We have a new owner that's come in and I understand he has a majority shareholding but as has been well documented none of the promises to pay the football or indeed other creditors of the company that is Hereford United have been paid.

"Currently I don't think we know quite where we are.

"We have spoken to the Supporters Trust (HUST) and what we are looking at is possibly a phoenix club, a new club in the event of Hereford United 1939 Ltd going into liquidation.

"There would have to be a certain amount of conditions there, we don't want the football club to go bust but should the present owner walk away without paying the bills that is a distinct possibility.

"We are proposing the use of Edgar Street to continue as a football ground and as a brand new start up club.

"The people on our group are all Hereford United supporters who attend matches regularily and none of us want to be in this situation.

"I wouldn't describe it as wanting the club to go bust because we've been all waiting for the payments to be made so that the club can continue.

"At the moment it doesn't look like that is going to happen and we have to be responsible for the support of Hereford United looking forward saying perhaps we do need a phoenix club and let's try and do something about that and be positive.

"I think what we are trying to do is be prepared for the moment if it does liquidate that we are ready.

"We have a business plan and a commercial plan which we want to put in front of the Council and say you have an alternative here.

"We don't want those leases going into the wrong hands, we don't want them to be rewritten in any way. Football has to remain at Edgar Street.

"Hereford United has a tremendous supporters base and we want to make sure people can watch a semi-professional or professional team for Hereford playing at Edgar Street.

"We are meeting with the Leader of the Council on Tuesday and we've outlined to him that we feel we have a plan which is sustainable.

"It will be bringing local business to work with the Supporters Trust. we spoken to HUST's chairman Chris Williams. They seem very happy that they can work with us.

"It will be a community club, a supporter led club.

"We want the backbone of our football club playing from Edgar Street and working for the wider community. Give everybody something to be proud of."