Friday, July 04, 2014

Agombar And His Associates

A well known Hereford United supporter has been researching new 'owner' Tommy Agombar's associates.

Here's what he found. (This article was first posted on Save 1939)

You judge a man by the company he keeps. Its not a difficult proposition to get your head around is it ?

Put the kids to bed and lets look at Tommys friends.

His main man is a chubby criminal from Essex. Andy Lonsdale has links to an obscure non league club in Essex and convictions for dumping contaminated waste.

Another chum was former Swindon Chairman Jed McCrory. Mr McCrory recently lost a court battle for control of the Robins. The words of the judge must have brought him some comfort.

“I frankly don’t believe Mr McCrory’s evidence.” stated Mr Justice Strauss.

Oh dear, hardly a soothing lullaby for a man down on his luck.

No doubt Tommy was on hand with some soothing words. Perhaps he recalled the heady days when they toiled away as Directors of Seebeck 87 limited . What a jolly set of fellows they were. Also on the board was Mr Greg Hall who was a director of Carvier Ltd.

Mr Hall was described as the front man of the operation and I can only imagine that Tommy was mortified when he realised the company he was keeping.

Also in on the high powered Team Tommy is Joel Nathan , or Nathan Joel, the sometime CEO of the mighty Grays Athletic. Joel is a good friend of Tommy and a better friend of football hooligan Andy Swallow who actually runs Grays through his teenage son “Danny”.

Andy is a lively lad and full of get up and go. Reminiscing about his love of football he stated:

"I got a dustbin lid for a shield and armed myself with a heavy wooden bar. One Manc put a blanket over his head, but we drenched him with a hose and using iron bars and sticks we beat him all the way down the stairs.

No doubt Tommy would be shocked about any association with Mr Swallow.

Another individual that Mr Aagombar is linked with is the sinister Scouse “businessman” Steven Vaughan.

Having ruined Barrow FC, Widnes Vikings and killed off Chester City, Mr Vaughan had to serve a custodial sentence for punching a policeman. Don’t tell Tommy but Mr Vaughan picked up 15 months for cracking the coppers cheekbone. Steven Vaughan Jnr also picked up a community order for threatening behaviour.

Crime and punishment eh ? Whilst knitting mailbags Steve had time to reflect on his sins and he re-emerged into the daylight with a tigger like enthusiasm to get involved in the great game.

As the UKs first individual to fail the fit and proper test he was forced to spread his net a bit wider and he soon fetched up on the sunny shores of Malta. Taking up the reins at Floriana he installed his purple faced son, Jnr, as Chairman and set about rebuilding his slightly tarnished reputation.

Of course his tenure as shadow owner of Floriana meant that he was able to extend some professional courtesy to Mr Agombar. Tommy's son, Harry, is a useless non league donkey who has been able to pick up a few gigs at clubs that arent too squeamish.

He is currently plying “his trade” at Swindon Town although the demise of the aforementioned Jed “I frankly don’t believe Mr McCrory’s evidence.” McCrory may lead to him pursuing his career elsewhere.

What a colourful set of characters they all are.

Now lets take a minute or two and link up Tommys friends “from the norf”.

We need to condsider the links between HUFC, Steven Vaughan, The Rifles and Droylsden FC.

As we all know Tommys PR department have set up a fundraising friendly with the Rifles as a cynical in aid of Help for Heroes. It is a disgraceful act and shames the club, the game and everyone that takes part in it as a player or spectator. Whilst their fellow professionals have yet to see any of Tommys money his team of scabs will pull on the famous white shirts and drag the good name of the club further into the mire.

They have also arranged to play Droylsden FC in a pre season friendly. Droylsden is another one of the “dirty gangster” clubs and Vaughan senior and junior were both involved there.

The current Chair of Droylsden is a guy called Dave Pace. Dave was formerly a director of Cestrian Trading Ltd alongside Steven Vaughan. He also emerged as a “creditor” when Chester City went under.

It is believed that “Dave” was involved in some construction work at the Deva although those who have met him claim that actually constructing sentences is beyond his modest capabilities. I have never met him so I cannot comment. However I cannot fault his loyalty to his friends. His willingness to help Mr Vaughan, er, Mr Agombar out with a match is heroic in its idiocy.

Also on the board of Cestrian was Mr Ian Doran. Mr Doran was also a director of Victorian Sponsorship Ltd. Victorian Sponsorship Ltd achieved notoriety by using the Rifles regiment as the bait in one of their charity scams.

Mr Doran has been involved in several dissolved charity scam firms. Here is how it works.

Business scammers have often used the fake charity approach to scam businesses out of their cash, and it’s an easy target as the amounts are usually relatively small, and nobody likes to be thought of as mean, so when they are presented with an invoice for a charity publication that they don’t recall signing up to, they can feel pressurised into paying up.
Safe from Scams
Victorian Sponsorship has been dissolved like many others before and since.

Mr Doran will probably not be attending the game against the Rifles, which is probably just as well.

But you have to ask if he is advising Agombar on this ?

Will the money reach the charity involved or will it get diverted , a la charity scammers, into a different account ?

Who will be monitoring the cash ?

Is there anybody amongst Team Tommy who you would trust to look after the cash?

Football seems to be in the developing grip of a criminal class that seems to be able to act at will and the Football authorities seem to be incapable of dealing with the problem.

Every day throws up some new evidence that Agombar is unfit to run a burger van let alone a football club but it is like chipping away at an Iceberg with an ice pick.

How does a man like this breeze through the safeguards by using the crudest methods possible ?

How is he allowed into the council chamber to discuss matters with people that he owes a huge amount of money too ?

There is no doubt that the people of Hereford will get rid of this idiot and begin the process of rebuilding their club. The fact that they have to do so shames the Football Association who have abdicated any right to govern the national game.