Friday, July 25, 2014

Comedy Genius and the Rewriting of History

Andy H writes again...

The Hereford Times headline that screamed "Tommy Agombar is man who saved Hereford United" is a  statement that doubles up as comedy genius and the rewriting of history. 

As Bulls fans, we are well aware of the timelines here. Agombar pitches up, we get relegated two divisions, creditors are told umpteen times they will be paid. Majority are still waiting. Ground can't be played in. CVA/winding up on the cards. All but a handful of fans have seen any alleged HUFC player play. But the fans team gets a brilliant turnout, which looks set to continue. Saviour. My arse. 

That piece was not the only article that the HT published yesterday. It transpires that HUFC is looking to line up a blue chip company or two to sponsor it. Of course the HT, BN and Bulls Banter has already put off some other, unnamed, blue chip companies from doing same. Maybe one of them  was Google? Picture their PR department looking up "Hereford United FC". I wonder if they would have liked what they saw and would want to be associated with it? 

But wait, there was a third article published by the HT. Mr. Nathan seems somewhat aggrieved that the fans team got a lot of press, whilst the HUFC game against Besiktas got little mention. It was actually announced in the HT, but about an hour before kickoff. And it took place in Yorkshire. Since Edgar Street still can't host any games.

Whilst in the process of writing this I have found that yet more articles are appearing on the HT website. What is happening here? Silence for weeks and then communication overload! You know, frankly I haven't got the time to read all of them. I have read three and they were chock full of guff. My lie-o-meter is broken. And it's time to cut to the chase and set one thing straight with what is a rewrite of history. The club appear to suggest that the slow motion car crash that we are witnessing is the fans fault. 

I would humbly suggest that the blame lies squarely at the feet of the club's owner and advisors. All of these articles have the powerful whiff of desperation and , yes Mr. Lonsdale, you really should have got your ducks in a row, because the ones I can see appear to be ailing, and look set to shortly depart this mortal coil.