Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Ledbury Town Look Forward To Friendly With HUST

Ledbury Town are looking forward to next Monday evening's friendly with the Hereford United Supporters Trust.

So as a forward to the game, BN asked 'Andydebont' of Ledbury FC about the club and how the friendly has come about.

Ledbury Town Football Club have undergone some difficult times in recent seasons. So for this season there have been changes.

We have appointed a new joint player manager team in former club captain Pete Boyle & Worcester City head of academy Zac Blood. A young partnership in the mid to late 20's who are passionate about the game & keen to help improve things at the club.
I've always been a Ledbury lad & recently through my links with Cradley Sports Club approached LTFC about basing a Sunday afternoon team from there. The rest of my involvement has snowballed.

In talking to the new committee I was asked to start helping out if possible. I've been with the club about 2 month now. Two weeks ago I was approached by the management team & offered the assistant manager role with the first team for this coming season. We compete in West Midlands Div 1.

Going back a month or so we advertised an open trials day. We were expecting 16 or so players to turn up, with my U18s making up the numbers. We had 36 players turn up! From there it's a case of cutting down the squad. We still have about 24 lads which again we will trim down.

You may be surprised with our first team. The average age is 21. We have a couple of very talented 16year old lads that have recently been released by league clubs. They are keen, but still learning mixed with a few older heads.There's a great excitement about the coming season. We realise there will be games we lose, but we will still be learning & developing every week.

With regards to cancelling the HUFC game, I put my hands up to being the driving force behind it. I'd been at the club a couple of weeks & was asked to attend a committee meeting. I'd heard we were pencilled in to play HUFC.
As you can imagine, only being with the club 2 weeks I wasn't sure how what I had to say was going to be received. In the past the HUFC games income has paid for a season, new kits etc.

I'm sure the committee won't mind me saying that they weren't 100% up to date with the ongoings at HUFC. As well as being a passionate Evertonian I have had the pleasure of following HUFC up and down the country for nearly 20 years.They knew what I was saying was spoken with just a bit of the pain & frustration the hardcore HUFC fans must be feeling.

It was discussed that as well as players, people just like us, with families to feed and bills to pay weren't being paid their wages, I've been there, it's tough. I never want to be there again & my sympathy is with every single one of them.

These are great people. Three I can immediately single out are Jamie Griffiths, Lee Symmonds & Nibbo. A couple of years ago when my lad was mascot for Everton reserves at Edgar St they made my families day! One we will never forget. I'm sure hundreds of families over the years have been made to feel just as welcome.

It was put to a vote & all 12 committee members around the table voted to cancel the game.

We agreed to hold some HUFC fans days at our pre-season friendlies as a gesture of good will to all suffering supporters.

Then the supporters team surfaced. I thought what a fantastic opportunity for everyone so contacted HUST, communicating with Chris we arranged a date and the rest has developed from there.

From us you will get a great welcome. You guys are Hereford Utd. Someone else may own the name but without you they're nothing.
Over the years I'm sure I've travelled with so many of you. Shared the joy and the heartache.

Everybody at LTFC wants you to get back what is yours. Your club.
Perhaps HUST would like to take this opportunity to promote all that is going on with the club, target new members in the Ledbury area? Spread the word even!

The bar will be stocked, the hog will be roasted.

What I'd like is to see HUFC fans with a reason to cheer again. Come along, have a drink or two & hopefully lots of HUFC songs from the sideline.

As much as we look forward to your visit, for me it's about you guys having an evening to remember. The game will be fantastic. An opportunity for our players to play against some ex pros and good local talent, hopefully in front of a large crowd.

On the night I'll be the Gentleman "not built for football" in the home dugout. Please come & say hello after the game. I'd love to talk football with fellow Bulls.

One last thing. From everyone at LTFC we hope this is the start of a successful journey for you all. You will always have our full support.

Good luck for the future & see you all Monday.