Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Marc Landsman Of Carmichael and Co

Some background information about Marc Landsman, who has been appointed as the Insolvency Practitioner for Hereford United.

Carmichael & Co is an independent insolvency practice, based in Manchester and Hythe with members of the team waiting for your call, wherever you are. 
The practice is run by Marc Landsman, a Chartered Accountant and Licensed Insolvency Practitioner who has been taking insolvency appointments since 2001. Marc is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, and Association of Business Recovery Professionals (also known as R3) and member of the Insolvency Practitioners Association.
Marc's first involvement in insolvency was when he lost money after a company which owed him money went into liquidation. He was treated badly by a national firm, and vowed that this would not happen in any case he dealt with personally.
In 1991 Marc joined a north London insolvency practice, from where he joined a top ten practice then became a manager in a small niche national practice.  In 2001 he took over the running of the firm's Manchester personal insolvency office, and in 2002 when that firm ceased trading Carmichael & Co was born.  Marc has been the Licensed Insolvency Practitioner in some 700 cases, building up a wealth of experience.
Carmichael & Co specialises in insolvency, and by only working to solve people's and company's debt problems we like to think we have become rather good at it.  Since we also do not do any other work, we are able to work with Accountants, Solicitors and other Professionals without any concerns of doubling up on work carried out twice - at additional cost to you.
In September 2009, Carmichael & Co moved across town from its old offices at City Wharf in Manchester to Portland Tower, and changed its name from 'Management of Personal Insolvencies Ltd' to 'Carmichaels Insolvency Ltd' to reflect that we now deal with about as many companies in difficulties as people.
In October 2010 Carmichael & Co moved its Kent office from Sandgate to Hythe.
In November 2012 Portland Tower changed its name to Manchester One.
In November 2013 Carmichael & Co moved round the corner to its new home in Lowry House, closer to Manchester city centre .
There are 3 ways to find out how we can help you
look around the site for help (have a look in the login area for leaflets etc)
email us at
Phone us on
0845 644 3114 or 0161 883 0480 (Manchester) or
0845 652 6999 or 01303 647 480 (Hythe)

Carmichael & Co is the trading style of Carmichaels Insolvency Ltd (company number 4547436). The registered office is Lowry House, 17 Marble Street, Manchester, M2 3AW The other information required under The Provision of Services Regulations 2009 is available here