Saturday, July 05, 2014

Nibbo's Campaign To Help Unpaid Staff And Players At Hereford

Photographer Steve Niblett has led the campaign to try and raise money for former players and staff left unpaid whilst working for Hereford United.

Last Friday he put on a gig in Hereford which was originally booked to take place at the Starlight Rooms but had to be moved.

Yesterday in a post on the Bulls Banter forum, he updated supporters.

"I'm bringing my campaign to help ex-members of staff in arrears with their wages to an end this week. Despite claims of people being paid fully up to date I know this to be not true, yes a bare few have but the majority not. Not even Peter Beadle after the blast he showed us at the end of the season. Also despite being told 4 times face to face its on its way, the cheques in the post etc, Jamie Griffiths has still not been graced with even a part payment.

"I personally want to thank everyone who has helped and/or donated to the cause either through the photo sales, Ronnie Radford night, Plant sale, Henry Cluney’s Nitelite gig, players bucket collection at Aldershot and the direct plea for monies a few weeks ago. The responses have been fantastic, so many generous people, new and older faces. We’ve had donations from £1 up to £262 (I know who you are!), every contribution has made a difference. Individuals where possible will be contacted in the near future with a note of thanks from the beneficiaries.

"Facts and figures, first tranche in April/May raised £2.3k and 2nd tranche June/July £2.7k. It has been unfortunate that apart from the players bucket collection of £618 at Aldershot where players received approx. £30 each, it has not been possible to assist them as much as I would have liked, it would take a minimum of a 5 figure sum to begin with. The £500 bonus promised by the then chairman to the players if they stayed up hasn’t materialised either, that would have been a help.

"Friday nights gig was a tremendous success, informal chat and a very well attended event. Many thanks to Henry Cluney, Phoenix and Operation Rock for putting in good shifts. The proceeds will be going to a recent ex-member of staff who hasn’t been paid for 4 months.

"My last hurrah is to do one more plea, enough to cover a few more red final bills. I’ll have a few new pics on ebay this week and direct donations can be made via notifying me at in the first instance.

"We’ll be back one day."