Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Yet Another Diversion

Nailswortholdbull isn't impressed by  today's reports that three ex-Hereford United players have received some back pay from new majority owner Tommy Agombar.

Below he explains why.

So, at long last, it appears that Tommy & Co, have dug into their collective pockets, and managed to pay a whole 3 players, all at once, and only 4-5 months late, and after (approximately, as we've all given up counting!) probably 6-8 recent promises to meet deadlines that were never kept.
Significantly, the players paid, Bobbie P, Rhys Evans, and Luke G, appear to be those who were most vociferous in both their condemnation of this regime, and their demands for their money. Am I cynical in thinking that Tommy & Co are trying to shut down the most articulate of their footballing creditors? Nah, it's just a coincidence, ennit?

Allow our cynicism a little more rein, and we now hear that Tommy & Co (I refuse to shame our great little club further, by naming it as the culprit) have applied for some extra time to pay the balance of footie creditors. Do they really think that the Southern League is as weak & toothless as they appear to be? Does Joel Nathan's claimed "relationship" with a senior member of the SL board get him favours which would NEVER be granted to any other club in the division? The SL HAS to stick to it's imposed deadline, otherwise their credibility will be totally destroyed. And NOT just with Bulls fans, but more particularly, with their member clubs.
Do Tommy & Co think that paying just 3 players, out of ALL the football creditors they told the local council they would pay 2-3 weeks ago, has influenced the views of the Council? Do they think that Tommy's own admission, that he is budgeting for gates of 500, this coming season, will give him sufficient income to pay this year's rent, let alone the chunks of the £65k outstanding debt, that he has promised to pay out over the next 3 seasons?

The lies have gone on long enough, and they are all, mostly, well documented. They have been made, not only to supporters, employees and players, but also, to people in authority, at the Council, HMRC, the Hereford Times (who, thankfully, now appear to have seen the light), and to the Southern League. It has to stop, and soon. We have people of intelligence being made to look stupid, and people with responsibilities to others who are neglecting those responsibilities, in letting TA & Co carry on with this charade.

You can fool some of these people some of the time, but not ALL of them ALL of the time.

To those that can do something to stop this rot, I say, PLEASE, do not be swayed by the small amount of money that TA & Co have handed over today. It does NOT prove ANY intent whatsoever, to pay others. Don't take my word for it, just examine the trail of broken promises leading up to this point!