Thursday, September 15, 2005

Halifax Chairman Denies Financial Problems

Halifax Chairman Geoff Ralph has denied that there is serious financial problems at The Shay. An article appeared on the Shaymen Online website suggesting that Vice Chairman Adrian Hall had been asked to resign after he refused to put more money into the Club, and that the six Vice Presidents were each asked to "pump" £2,500 into the Club or forfeit their positions.

In response to the article Ralph issued a denial on the official Halifax website "Adrian Hall was asked by me to review his situation on the basis that he had identified to myself and the rest of the Board on more than one occasion that he was finding it difficult to have a meaningful involvement with the Club. He had personal business issues to deal with, and was not able to contribute further to the club either financially or with his time. Halifax Town clearly needs Directors who are able to spend time on the Club's matters in order to progress. Vice Presidents have not been asked to "pump" money into the Club. They have been advised that the role of Vice President is deemed to have a value, and asked if they would wish to make that contribution. If they did not wish to do this, a position of "Life Member" was available to them at no cost."

The Shaymen Online website noted in it's response that the Vice Presidents would only remain as Vice Presidents if a financial contribution was made, which suggested that it's article was correct. Halifax currently list 33 players in the first team squad on their Official Website, plus two on loan from Bradford, which is one of the largest squads in the Conference.

In other news, Exeter are set to announce that they are struggling to break-even at a Fans Forum on Thursday night. Announcing a renewal of the sponsorship deal with budget airline Flybe, Dave Treharne stated "We are struggling every month to break even. People look at the attendance figures and think we are comfortably off. The fact of the matter is we are not. Tonight is an opportunity to get over what is happening as far as the club's finances are concerned. We are putting together a revised five-year plan for the club - and I am sure people will want to know what we are looking at in terms of best case and worst case scenarios." A number of unexpected costs are likely to be detailed as the cause for the problems which have derailed the original five year plan.

Exeter, currently sitting top of both the League and Attendance tables, are set to exit their CVA on October 15th despite some creditors objecting to the agreement when the Club made over £800,000 from last season's FA Cup run.